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Top 10 Car Locator Apps

Your car parking experience might just get a bit messy if you come across a situation where you forgot where you parked your car.

In fact, this is one of the most common problems faced by anyone traveling to a new destination or parking their car in a crowded parking lot.

A lot of times, you might come back to the location you think you parked your car at, but alas! It’s not there. We use our car for a million different reasons daily, be it for running errands, or going on a date, or dropping off our close ones.

There can be a hundred different reasons, and it’s definitely a waste of time and energy to try and figure out where you parked your car. Here in this article we will discuss the 10 best car locator apps to help you locate your car in seconds.

Car Locator Apps

1. Google Maps

The most reliable and efficient app for this purpose is definitely Google Maps. If you want to use Maps to locate your car you just need to turn the location services on your phone to ‘Always’ and then turn the “know where you parked” mode on. 

This allows Google to track the motion of your phone and with the help of it’s AI it can sense if you’re going fast (driving) or going slow (walking) and therefore calculate the exact location where you’ve stopped and parked your car.

Google Maps can also help you with a lot of other information about your parking habits such as if you have parked your car at a particular spot for a long time. This can be useful if you are parking in a place that has a time limit.

2. Parkify

Parkify is a dedicated car locator app that helps you track the location of your car with the help of bluetooth. If bluetooth is not enabled then it uses motion sensor to recognize every time you step in and out of your car.

With Parkify you can share the location of your car with others if they want to reach it, you can also sync the location through various apps

3. Waze

Waze is a social app that helps you in updating with real time information based on traffic reports it receives from the other users of this application. Google recently acquired this app for $1 billion. It also provides you with driving direction and act as a navigation app

However, one of the most attractive features of this app is the parking feature. Using this feature is really easy, you just need to close the Waze app once you have parked your car.

The app will then immediately pin your location and save it on a map. When you open the app again, it will display the pinned location as the location where you parked your car. It also shows a walking ETA to the pinned location

4. Find My Car

Find My Car is one of the most well appreciated and highly reviewed application to find your parked car’s location.

It uses a combination of maps, street views and a high tech Augmented Reality feature to locate the exact spot where you parked your car and then guide you towards the location.

Find My Car is very easy to use. Just turn on location on your phone and save the car location on the application’s map after parking the car.

5. Find Your Car with AR

Find Your Car with AR is another application that helps you to find your car with the help of Augmented Reality. The app can find your car no matter where you have parked it.

It lets you see street addresses near to your parked location and then lets you figure out where you parked your car

6. HonkMobile

HonkMobile is a very simple and easy to use application that lets you park your car anywhere you want then find it when you need to.

The app uses GPS to track the location of your parked car, but if you do not want to use the GPS feature, then you can also write a memo in the app and add a photo or a video of the parking location in that memo.

7. Anchor Point

Anchor Point is one of the most fun apps to find your way to your parking spot. This app has a combination of maps, compasses and coordinates that creates a treasure hunt for you to hunt down your car.

This app is also very easy to use and has an amazing user interface. You can see arrows and ETAs in walking distances. The best part about this app is that it works without wifi or mobile data. 

8. My Car Locator

My Car Locator is an app that justifies its name completely. It is a very basic app that does what it promises to do – Locate your car.

It offers you both regular maps or even street views with which you can navigate to your parked spot. The app also gives you direction with the addition of directional arrows. This app also has a paid version that costs $1.29/month.

9. Park Me

ParkMe is an app that works a bit differently compared to all the other apps in this list. This award-winning app finds you a parking spot and then remembers it.

The app is currently works in 123,000 locations across 9,700 cities in 7 continents. It has the biggest database about real time parking information.

The app constantly updates to give you more and more accurate data about how many parking spots are available.

10. Find My Car Smarter

Find My Car Smarter is a smart app that helps you locate your car using both GPS and bluetooth. The app will immediately mark your location the moment you park your car and then save it in its database.

When you are done with your work and you need to go back to your car, this app will show you the location of your car along with how far away you are from your car.

One of the trademark features of this app is that you can sync your car’s location with your Dropbox and then share the location with your friends if they need it.


With that, we come to the end of the list of the top 10 car locator apps to save your time and energy in finding your parked car.

If you found the list useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends who can also benefit from the various features of these apps. Have a nice day.

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