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Best Robotic Process Automation Tools to use in 2021

There are many recurring, time-consuming problems in any organization. To avoid mistakes and save time, there are a number of RPA programs available in the market.

But choosing the best RPA tool for automating business processes is one of the difficult tasks. To make your job easy in this article I have listed the best Robotic Process Automation Tools to use in 2021. Let’s get started

Best RPA Tools For 2021:

1. UIPath

UIPath RPA tool

UiPath provides all core capabilities and provides automation support for Citrix-enabled BPOs. It is a user-friendly RPA tool for developers and non-developers and can handle complex processes. UIPath is ideal for businesses of all sizes. 

It is a deeply scalable robotic process automation (RPA) tool for automating any desktop or web application. It allows global companies to design and deploy a range of robots for the industry.

A number of companies and government departments are rapidly using the Enterprise RPA UiPath platform to expand software robots that mimic and assassinate repetitive processes everywhere back and front, increasing productivity while satisfying and improving customer experience. UIPath offers three unified components:

UiPath Studio:

It is a process modeling environment where users with minimal training and no coding can visually automate the robotic process using powerful recorders that create automation by seeing how users work. There is also a rich template library that offers users flexible process templates.

UiPath Robot:

The UiPath robot opens, responds to, and closes all on-premises, kernel, or cloud applications, and acquires, processes, and transmits data between a structured and partially structured data source (applications, documents, or databases). It provides advanced computer vision for fast and accurate automation of SAP, Citrix, and Mainframe processes.

UiPath Orchestrator:

It is a management console that licenses, designs, and manufactures UiPath robots. Assign robots to automation and work queues and plan their actions.

2. Blue Prism

Blue Prism RPA

Blue Prism is one of the best RPA tools to make your business process fast and cost-effective by automating repetitive rules-based office processes. The tool provides a drag and drop function to automate various business processes. It can run on any application on any platform. Using this tool requires programming skills, so it is easy for developers to use. This tool is still ideal for medium and large businesses.

Best Features Of Blue Prism:

  • It can run on any application on any platform.
  • Supports distribution of multiple environments.
  • Provides security and communication protection
  • Complete automation in work distribution and queue management
  • The tool can automate Excel, XML, CSV, pdf, image, etc
  • Supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud deployment patterns
  • Load balancing, encryption, and audit

3. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere has all the important features of the RPA tool. It has cloud and internal services and is best suited for medium and large businesses. Automation Anywhere there are cognitive elements that can help with unstructured data.

Best Features Of Automation Anywhere:

  • Workload management
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Integrated SLA calculator
  • Optical character recognition
  • Citrix AISense Algorithm
  • Image-based automation
  • High security with authentication, encryption, and data entry
  • Real-time analysis and reporting
  • Advanced automation that automates complex tasks quickly
  • Supports automation without scripts
  • Divide tasks across multiple computers

4. WorkFusion 

WorkFusion RPA tool

WorkFusion is a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions that combine AI, RPA, and machine learning features to automate business processes. It is a fully automated solution for global operations. It combines key features in a single platform to digitize complex business processes.

Best Features Of WorkFusion:

  • It uses RPA and cognitive services to automate end-to-end processes.
  • Automated Worker Management
  • Users can drag and drop pre-built robots.
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Process-Level Automation
  • Operators have interface models throughout the trading process.
  • Automates exception routing and quality control.

5. Pega RPA

Pega RPA

Pega system is one of the most popular and most used business process management tool that supports all use cases.

It combines an architecture based on a rules management system and a predictive analysis mechanism. It can be used on desktop servers and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. This tool is best for medium and large businesses. 

Best Features Of Pega:

  • Flexible configuration of ready-made solutions
  • Execution data is stored in memory and not in a database
  • It offers a cloud-based solution
  • Simply delegate your work to the desktop, server, and staff
  • Open the API to connect to current services
  • More efficient workflow.
  • Technical assistance is available.

6. Kofax RPA


Kofak is one of the best RPA tools for extracting, expanding, and publishing information from any data source. It requires no programming knowledge and can handle data from any source, including a website and a computer application.

Best Features Of Kofax:

  • Automate data collection and input to avoid errors
  • Smart software to increase operational efficiency
  • Robotic process intelligence for continuous process monitoring and optimization
  • Integrated analysis for flawless reporting
  • Centralized Robot Deployment and Management
  • Built-In Analytics and Cognitive Document Automation
  • Integrated Web Browser Engine
  • It supports multiple data sources and types

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