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25 Best Snapchat Filters for Selfies

Nowadays, everyone likes to use a filter. Be it any occasion, using a filter for selfies is the most common thing you can find. Particularly if Snapchat gives you such attractive filters, then it grabs the user’s attention.

To your astonishment, millions of snaps are created on a daily basis on Snapchat. The application is popular worldwide due to its unique and beautiful filters which make you look better, funny, scary in short the way you want.

Now, among these so many filters, finding the right filter for you can become overwhelming. Hence, we have come up with the best Snapchat filters that can make you look the way you want.

Best Snapchat Filters for Both Boys and Girls

Listed below are the best and most popular Snapchat filters for both Boys and Girls.

1. Polaroid Frame

Polaroid Frame is a great filter if you want to look glamorous without putting a lot of effort into your look. This is a simple yet attractive filter that can make you look really good. It brightens and softens the skin texture to make the skin look light and beautiful.

2. Pecan

Pecan by Luckee Bains is a perfect filter for you if you want to get a tan without going to a beach or salon. This filter gives the best tan effect on your skin and also adds graininess. You can tap to remove the grain but with graininess, the selfie looks even better.

3. Old

The old filter by Snapchat is hilarious as it makes you look the way you would wish to be looked at years later. This filter is trending on Snapchat as it makes your hair look grey or silver and adds wrinkles on your face which looks funny yet satisfactory.

4. My Twin

This filter can make your wish of having a twin come true. The best part of this filter is it creates your replica but of the opposite gender which makes you feel amazed. It changes the hairstyle, skin texture, eyes and gives you a look of the opposite gender.

5. Cartoon 3D

If you are a Disney character fan this filter will work great for you. Cartoon 3D helps you get a look from Disneyland’s movie Frozen. This filter makes a girl look like Anna and a boy to Kristoff. This filter is the most popular and is viewed 1.7 billion times.

6. Neo Horns

Neo Horns provides you with horns on your head. You can give an evil look to yourself using this filter. You can also select one of the many neon colors of horns. It turns the Snapchat image in black and white and the color of the horns into many neon colors.

7. Mirror Aesthetic

Mirror Aesthetic is a good choice of the filter if you want to have a mirror selfie. This filter makes your skin texture smooth, clear, and light. It also adjusts the lights with your skin tone and gives you the perfect mirror selfie that you desire.

8. Vintage

As the name suggests Vintage filter gives you a vintage look of the 90s.If you wonder what you would look like in the 90s this filter will work best for you. It adds pinkish grey and graininess to the snaps, giving it a unique 90s look. It also adds a black border to your snap.

9. Vogue Noir

Vogue Noir is one of the best Snapchat filters you can use to make yourself feel glamorous. This filter makes you feel like you are on the Vogue magazine cover and it is indeed the best feeling. You can add any snap to use this filter as well.

10. Bright Filter

Bright Filter can be used to make your dull picture bright and beautiful. It gives a vibrant look to your picture which looks fascinating. It beautifies the skin texture and makes your skin attractive and dazzling. Hence this is a perfect filter if you want a bright selfie.

Best Snapchat Filters for Girls

Listed below are the best, most used and most popular Snapchat filters for Girls.

1. Lips Freckles

This filter makes you feel loved, as it adds those tiny lips freckles around your cheeks. It makes you look happy and can easily make you smile and feel better about yourself. You can hide your Marks or spots through this filter as well making it look beautiful.

2. Blush Tone

Blush Tone is a great filter if you wish to have lighter skin. It makes the skin light and lips orange and gives a glorious look to your image. This filter works well for selfies as it also provides a blush on your cheeks. Blush Tone is widely used on Snapchat by users.

3. Love

Love is another great filter that you can use on Snapchat to make your skin glow. This filter glows your skin and makes it vibrant and bright. Also, if you tap on the screen, multiple I Love You popups appear which gives an eye-pleasing look to your picture.

4. Bear in Love

Bear in Love adds a giant teddy on your shoulders giving you a sweet hug. This filter also gives you rosy cheeks and bright eyes. The Filter looks great and makes you feel loved by the bear you are holding on your back. If you are having a bad day this filter can cheer up your mood.

5. Love Mood

If you have a lot of spots, marks, or acne on your skin and you want to remove that and get a perfect picture to send to your loved one, this filter is perfect for you. Love Mood removes all the acne, spots, marks and makes your skin look glowing and bright.

6. Golden hour

Golden hour filter makes your skin texture look smooth and radiant. Just like the sunlight is softer and reddish in the golden hour similarly the filter gives a golden glow to your face.

7. Smooth Soft Skin

If you want a perfect picture without any flaws then Smooth Soft Skin will work the best for you. Just like when you are standing Infront of a spotlight this filter gives an even tone to your skin and makes your skin shine and glow.

Best Snapchat Filters for Boys

Listed below are the best and most popular Snapchat filters for Boys.

1. Mustaches

If you have never grown a moustache and wonder what it would look like if you have a moustache, this filter is perfect for you. It adds a moustache to your face which looks like you have a real moustache and also gives a vintage look to your picture.

2. Sailors Cap

Sailors Cap filter helps you to get the Popeye the sailor man looks. This filter adds a sailor hat, blowing pipe in the mouth, and the sailor beard to your face giving it an artistic sailor man look.

3. Fashion Sunglasses

This filter not only gives you sunglasses but also a perfect beard you longed for. If you want a long beard this filter will work great for you as it gives a nice beard with the perfect shades. If you are a motorcyclist this filter will definitely attract you.

4. Black Face Mask

Black Face Mask is a great filter during this pandemic. This filter adds a black mask, blur background and gives a black and white classic look to your picture. This bright black and white filter is loved by many users on Snapchat.

5. Caramel Brown

If you want to click a mirror selfie this filter will work the best for you. Caramel Brown gives a brown shade to the skin and also a perfect texture considering the lights which in turn gives a clean and smooth look to your selfie pictures.

6. BW Film

BW film gives the best black and white selfie you desire. Based on your skin tone it perfectly blends with your skin and gives a light, shady, and smooth black and white picture.

7. Rock Hipster

Rock Hipster gives you a fashionable look and is very popular among the youngsters. It adds a yellow toque hat, septum piercing, leather jacket, and hexagonal sunglasses which makes you look no less than a fashionista.

8. HDR

If you want a professional yet light and attractive picture you can choose this filter. It consists of a camera grid that makes you feel like you are doing an ad shoot. HDR gives you the best look by making your skin look smooth and clear.

Hope you like this article. Snapchat is a very popular application among users. People use it for different purposes. Some achieve rapid success while some users have to wait a long time to reach their goal. Users often look for apps for hacking Snapchat to monitor others’ profiles anonymously.

Let us know your favourite Snapchat filter in the comment section. My favourite Snapchat filter is Bear in Love.

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