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Best Telegram Bots To Use In 2022

Telegram is one of the best messenger app for private conversations. It has countless channels and bots. It is one of the best websites to download latest movies from the best Telegram movie channels.

If you are already using Telegram, you have probably discovered and enjoyed all the amazing options it offers.

Irrespective of groups & channels, Telegram also has countless bots with very varied functions, which become very useful and even very fun, however it is almost impossible to get to know them all.

Telegram bots are a group of third-party applications, which run freely within the application. Telegram bots accept a series of commands that carry out the tasks for which they have been designed. These bots are programmed to perform specific tasks.

In this article, we came up with a list of best telegram bots that will surely be very useful to you. These are some of the most popular Telegram bots.

Most Popular Telegram bots

1. Now Trending Bot – @nowtrendingbot

This is an incredible bot, which will allow you to quickly access all the news events that are shaking the world, showing you what is trending on Twitter, YouTube and Google.

2. Text-to-speech Bot – @TexTSBot

With Text-to-speech Bot you will have the possibility to enter texts and convert them to an audio file, thanks to a voice synthesizer that will allow you to choose the language or gender of the narrator.

3. Converto Bot – @converto_bot

If you would like to download video from YouTube without having to leave Telegram, with Converto Bot you will achieve it, because it is a tool that offers you copies of videos from this audiovisual platform, in the form of downloadable files.

4. To PDF Bot – @topdf_bot

To PDF Bot is a very useful tool to edit your PDF documents without having to leave Telegram; this is a tool that will allow you to cut, rotate, add, encrypt, or add various elements to your documents.

5. Group Butler – @groupbutler_bot

If you are one of those people who manage chats with a large number of users, or who manage groups and Telegram channels, this bot is perfect for you. Group Butler will allow you to make chat rules, moderate, send notifications and establish automatic commands.

6. Find Music Please Bot – @findmusicpleasebot

With Find Music Please Bot you can find music quickly and easily, you only have to write the name of the band or song you want to listen to, or even program its functions to automatically receive music at random.

7. Image Bot – @ imagebot

Image Bot is also one of the best and most useful telegram bot. It is very useful to quickly locate images or GIFs of almost anything, since it has a very efficient search engine, using only keywords.

8. Rae Bot – @raebot

Rae Bot integrates a word search engine into your conversations so that you can quickly locate its meaning or the way it is written.

9. My tracking – @mitrackingbot

My tracking is an incredibly useful bot, whose main function is to allow its users to track packages or orders from any courier agency; you will receive updates on its location.

10. Zodiac – @zodiac_bot

Zodiac is the perfect bot for those who follow their horoscopes daily, since it offers you a brilliant tool to keep abreast of what the stars hold for your sign.

11. Trivia Bot – @triviabot

Trivia Bot is a very useful tool for organizing group games through Telegram chats, since its main function is to design a trivia-style question and answer game.

12. Facebook Video Bot – @fbvideo_bot

Using Facebook Video Bot users can download any video from the Facebook platform directly from Telegram.

Go ahead and discover all these amazing bots, and don’t miss the opportunity to improve your Telegram experience.

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