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Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps 2022

Gone are those days when videos were less popular. Now videos are all over! Modern technology had discovered the perks and need for Videos. However, is it worth considering videos to promote your business? Is it worth leveraging video content in your marketing?

The answer is – Yes, it’s worth it because videos are rising progressively and are most flexible and profitable.

With cutting-edge technologies, many brands are leveraging videos in their digital strategy. Brands are opting to promote video content and increase customer engagement.

This, further, leads to build ROI and enhance user experience. Whereas, few brands still struggle to make top-notch, professional videos and create a buzz on social media as a strong representation of their brand.

Video editing apps help to create professional videos on your phone or tablet. In this article, we’ve listed the best video editing apps, which will not only save time and money but also help you create engaging videos anytime, anywhere.

Continue reading to know the top 10 best video editing apps 2022.

Best Video Editing Apps

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is best known for making videos on the go. The app allows a drag-n-drop technique to import various media files effectively.

KineMaster offers an important level of control over the editing process to make proficient videos instantly. You can include multiple layers to videos like insert blocks of texts or subtitles or captions.

But to remove the watermark and get full access to premium resources you need to buy the professional edition of the app. Other than this, most of the app functions come in the free version.

2. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an amazing Android video editing app which is loved by many users. It has essential features such as trimming, cutting, adding texts, music, and so forth.

You can likewise make videos for Instagram, Youtube, make reverse videos, create slow motions, add transitions, text, etc. to improve your video quality.

FilmoraGo has got some in-app purchases, but the vast majority of the astounding features are free. You can either save the videos directly in your gallery or share it on your social media channel.

It shows a wordmark at the end of the video, to remove the watermark you need to buy the premium version of the app.

3. InShot

InShot allows users to create or edit photos, videos, or collages. The easy-to-use app lets you trim video clips, change the speed of your video, add music, voice-over narrations, texts, and filters to videos, photographs.

Pick from many available sound effects or add music from your library. You can also flip as well as rotate the footage in this app that many other apps don’t have. The app is perfect for those who want to build a great video without frills.

4. iMovie

iMovie is one of the prominent free video editing apps, and available to Apple users. The video editor is easy-to-use with the drag-n-drop feature which makes editing smooth.

iMovie has the majority of the essential features you need to edit videos on your iPhone or iPad. You can add built-in music, trim clips, motion effects, and add filters.

The app supports the 4K resolution with a library of pre-made transitions. This app is great for those who’re new to video editing. But, once you know the techniques, you can start looking for an alternative video editing app with endless features.

5. Magisto

Magisto enables you to create great videos without leaving your smartphones in three simple steps:

  • Choose your video editing style (the type of story you’re telling).
  • Second, choose photos and video clips that you want to include.
  • Third, pick your music from the built-in music library of Magisto.

This intuitive app helps to convert your footage into an engaging video with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). This helps to deliver the message you have in your mind. With Magisto, users can leverage the app for creating quick Instagram video posts and add a professional appeal.

6. WeVideo

WeVideo is an online video editing platform that is intuitive, effective, and easy to use. The app runs in cloud software where you can host and access the software online via a browser without downloading it to your hard drive.

WeVideo lets your imagination fly with creative features such as audio editing capabilities, a library of commercially licensed music, and the potential to share video clips in 4K resolutions.

Users can import their videos from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and even from social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Instagram.

7. Quik

Quik is another savvy approach to make top videos fast and free. It. Select any of your favourite photographs or video clips to make your own stories with Quik.

The best thing about Quik is that it accompanies automatic video creation features. You can trim videos, add texts or effects, and sync everything to the beat of any music.

When you have finished the video editing, you can save it on your cameras either in 1080p or 720p, or even share it directly on the social media sites.

Quik is good and does not reveal any annoying ads. It has the right to be featured in the best Android video editor apps list for its features and comfort.

8. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to edit any video directly from your Android phone. The app is fast and fun to use. The best part about the app is the automatic video creation ability, i.e., the app can build videos for you automatically with any images or clips that you pick.

In addition, you can create your videos with its various video editing functions such as trimming, cutting, adding transitions, filters, music, effects, and so on.

9. Splice

Splice is another popular video editing app that is available only for iOS users. Developed by GoPro, the app has an easy and intuitive interface adding extra gloss to your video clips.

The app also includes video trimming, cropping, speed controls, animation, motion effects, and so on to boost their videos professionally.

It has a wide scope of free music and audio effects to layer over your video. It even synchronizes your video to the beat of your soundtrack. With the Splice app, users can link different video clips for creating engaging videos and can customize transitions.

10. Shotcut

Shotcut is a completely free open-source video software and considered a great tool for beginner videographers. It helps to create professional-looking videos, however, the interface is difficult to use.

Maybe that is because it was first developed for the Linux platform, which looks very much different from the typical Windows or Mac.

This software helps to create and export high-quality videos. It is completely free with no ads. It is a handy tool with multiple features like exporting videos, trimming with better transitions and motion effects.

Final Thought

Be your own video editor professional by editing videos or images and then upload them to various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. All you need is to pick the best-suited video editing app out of these 10 best video editing apps and leverage the most out of it.

Which video editing app are you trying first? Or, which one turned best for you? Do tell us and share feedback in the comments section below!

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