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The Best Web Design Process in 5 Simple Steps

Web Design Process in 5 Simple Steps
  1. Research– Before you embark on the web design project do your homework very thoroughly. You need to know what the latest design trend is and how it can be made to work for you. Research is also vital to understand what kind of web design Singapore firm or freelancer you should trust your work to. The easiest way to do this is to visit the web site or social media pages of the web design Singapore company. Read through the reviews carefully, watch how the web design Singapore company responds to compliments and criticisms and then take a call on whom to entrust with the job.
  2. Format– The web design process is a dynamic one and needs to be tweaked from time to time. If you allow the web design Singapore firm to take care of it they will do it and keep you updated regularly or if you’ll be doing the job yourself, updating, adding information, handling the small jobs of the site, then you need to ensure that the site uses a user-friendly program. HTML is a favorite but it’s considered to be dated by many, today. Look out for programs and hosting websites that offer convenience.  You need to keep in mind the kind of content your site will have. If it’s an image and media heavy, choose a service that will support this kind of traffic. Ease of downloads and finding information is key to a user.
  3. Content– By this, we mean every single element that goes into making your website. The copy should be crisp and compelling, the images sharp and detailed, the videos pithy and entertaining. Every single aspect of what’s on the site goes into making an impression on the customer/visitor’s mind. It’s important to find a happy blend of graphics and words. If your website is a commerce one, it is even more imperative to have good descriptions and pictures of the products on display. Both, with design and words, it’s important to keep the overall impression that you want to create, in mind. The aesthetic has to be similar across the board.
  4. Ease of Use– If you adhere to the previous point, then ease of use is par for the course and your web design Singapore firm knows this. Simple things will go a long way- is the shopping cart easy to fill? Is the billing process smooth and swift? Can customers get a clear picture of the services that your business has to offer? Are the contact details easily accessible? Ease of use is a big reason why customers will return to your website. Make fonts large and legible. Don’t crowd the pages with too much information. At the same time, too many tabs are off-putting too. Strike a balance in everything that you do.               
  5. Responsive Design– We live in a world of multi-device surfing. There’s no telling where a potential client may be looking at your information. Make sure that your website responds equally well to the computer, phone, and tablet. Responsive design is all about giving the customer the best surfing experience. If it’s an app, it should have a clear definition, easy cart, and card process and give users options to try and buy, etc. This kind of design enables you to reach users no matter where they are and how they choose to surf the internet.

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