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Boosted by Lightricks Review: A User-friendly App for Creating Video Ads

Video advertisements can take your audience engagement, website traffic, and conversions, off the charts. 

Sadly, not everyone has the skills to create professional-quality video ads from scratch or the budget to hire expert video marketers and advertising production specialists. And because of this, many business owners stay clear from using video ads, simply because they believe that creating the content required is beyond their reach.

That’s why the Boosted by Lightricks app is a game-changer for businesses that want to run video ads. Boosted provides easy-to-use features and tools to help you create high-quality, compelling video ads even on a shoestring budget.  

This review covers Boosted’s essential features to help you determine whether the app is the best solution for your video ad creation needs.

But first…

Why use video ads?

When built and implemented correctly, video ads have great potential to grow your social media fan base, expand your reach, boost your conversions, and in turn, your sales. 

You can get as creative as you can with video ads, including leveraging them to:

  • Showcase and demonstrate your product. Create How-to videos that show off your products, services, and offers with excellent graphics, design, and background music.
  • Increase your sales. Make and run video ads around your promotional and seasonal campaigns to take advantage of when your audiences are most willing to purchase. 
  • Establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Use video ads to expand your brand’s reach and grow its authority in your niche or field. 

Regardless of your ad strategy and intent, Boosted’s video maker, available for web, iPhone or Android, can streamline your video ad creation process. This helps you reach your advertising and marketing campaign goals more efficiently. 

Let’s go over Boosted’s tools and features that help you create your video ads quickly and easily. 

Why use Boosted

1. Professional-quality video templates

Creating video ads can be challenging without a lot of graphic design skills and video editing experience. However, Boosted makes video creation simple and fast. The app offers ready-to-go templates designed specifically for brand promotion videos, tips and tutorials, sales, contests and giveaways, as well as other marketing and advertising campaigns.   

After signing up for a free or pro account with Boosted, choose from hundreds of templates that range from sleek and professional to playful and fun, that you can easily customize and build on. 

Select the tags of your choosing to view the templates in each category. You can also preview every template by hovering your mouse over them to see what they look like. Click one, and this should take you to the project editing interface. 

Free templates are accessible to free web app users, and pro templates are available for paid subscribers. Pro templates are marked by a blue crown on the upper right-hand corner of each template.

You can also make your video from scratch by clicking New Project and uploading your media (up to seven files) to include them in your video ad. Or use one or more royalty-free videos and images from Boosted’s stock library.      

Boosted provides high-quality templates that streamline creating your video ads, whether for your pay-per-click, ecommerce, or website marketing and advertising efforts.  

2. Media and stock library

View the template’s entire video by clicking the Play button to see how it looks. This can also help you assess where you can add other elements to your project and modify certain parts. 

Add images and video clips to your template by clicking the Media option and choosing the photos and clips you want to include. 

Scroll through the free-to-use video clips and images from Pixabay or quickly search for a specific one by typing in keywords. Click to add the media item (or items) to your project. 

Adjust the template’s preloaded media and your added video clips and images accordingly by replacing them, trimming your video clips, and applying filters. 

Trim and split your video clips by clicking the Trim option and moving the trimming tool left or right. 

Add branding elements such as your logo by clicking the Your Logo Here icon and uploading your logo from your drive. 

Boosted offers a music library filled with audio clips organized into specific genres. Click the Music option, and you’ll see the list of music clips starting with the best fitting ones recommended by the app based on your template.

Choose from various music clip genres such as laidback and groovy, sentimental, meditation, and light (among others). This gives plenty of background sound clips to choose from, helping you set the appropriate sound and feel for your video ads.

3. Video project customization options

Boosted offers an intuitive interface with simple video editing tools. Modify the video template’s texts by clicking them and using the editing tool to change the text, font, capitalization, and alignment. 

You can also add shadow effects and emojis and set the text colors. Choose colors and color combinations for your text and other video elements using Boosted’s palette library. 

The app provides a fonts library with recommended font combinations to ensure your headlines and texts are visually appealing and appropriate for your video ads. 

You get live previews as you edit your project, from the fonts, filters, and color palettes. You can also instantly view your video in a square, vertical, and horizontal format by clicking the options found at the top of the editing interface. 

Live previews allow you to view and review your video clips and project easily. This saves you a lot of time and effort since you can make appropriate adjustments quickly. 

Once you finish editing your template and creating your video ad, click the Export button, and Boosted automatically downloads your project in MP4 format.

The exporting process takes a few seconds or minutes, allowing you to upload your video and share them to your website, ad campaign platforms, and social media channels with ease.   

All videos created on Boosted are optimized for social media, ensuring your video ads increase your social media audience engagement. This boosts your chances of meeting your social media advertising and marketing goals. 

Final thoughts

Video ads are critical aspects of your advertising and marketing strategies. With the Boosted app, creating video ads become seamless, affordable, and almost effortless. 

Boosted provides all the essential and user-friendly tools you need to create effective video ads. This helps you optimize your advertising and marketing efforts without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Boosted’s reliable video editing features allow you to produce video ads quickly, ensuring you constantly churn out content whenever you need it for your campaigns.  

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