Crypto Boom: Examining The Surge In Cryptocurrency Investors


Right now, there is a booming growth towards crypt investors on a worldwide basis and there are some solid reasons behind that. Learning the beneficial aspects of crypto currency is important before you plan the right choice here.

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Some studies have clearly indicated that more than 46 million Americans are subject to get their hands into purchasing crypto currency in 2023.

More towards the current American statistics:

With the current stock market inflation biting, around 46.5 million Americans are trying to invest in crypto for the very first time within the next year. They haven’t thought about this plan before but are making some changes right now. 

  • Those Americans are likely to join around 145 million Americans, among which, around 56% of the US adult population states that they own crypto currency or have invested in this platform in the past. 
  • In May 2022, some studies surveyed that around 2000 Americans got a better understanding on why they are interested to become investors in crypto currency or why they are shying away from this said market.
  • They were asked about their understanding towards blockchain, where they got information about crypto currency from and the tools they are using for investing in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Even though an increasing number of Americans think cryptocurrency to be a bad idea, more and more people are gaining their interest levels to become an investor in this field.

The key notes:

Around 56% of the American adults say that they own or have previously been associated with the crypto currency field.

  • About 76% of that group invested in crypto currency for the first time within the span of last 2 years.
  • 41% of Americans have never invested in crypto currency. On the other hand, around 46.5 million Americans are planning to get within the investment section.
  • 24% of the Americans who didn’t have an investment in crypto currency thought this platform to be a bad investment. 
  • Another report states that around 52% of Americans are now considering investing in crypto currency as part of their retirement plans.
  • Around 62% of them might plan to purchase more crypto currencies if they can store it within their bank accounts.

Saudi Arabian crypto investors are now increasing in number:

Much like Americans, Saudi Arabia investors are now trying to invest more in the field of crypto currency these days. Recent studies have found a surging internet and adoption of the crypto currencies within this field.

Around 76% of the crypto investments within this area had just around a year’s worth of experience in trading crypto currency. Let’s now go through some details to get detailed information in this field.

  • The monetary authority of Saudi Arabia has started using blockchain technology for covering money transfers and deposits in the month of June.
  • Around 84% of the investors in Arab nations are looking towards social media channels to gain high end information on crypto currency.
  • Around 37% of the investors were under the age of 30 as per the second quarter report of 2022.
  • The primary reason for people to invest in crypto currency was not to be the one to miss out on the trend. Women, on the other hand, are focusing on practical reasons like passive income and future profits.
  • When it comes to the demographics, around 51% of the Arabians were stated to be men.
  • When it comes to the field of investors, around 51% of them stated crypto currency to be the future of finance. 44% of them believed that the asset class is likely to generate higher and long-term returns when compared to other investment types.


Getting hold of the profit maximizer is important to learn more about the growing demand of crypto currency these days.

Some studies have shown that around 55% of investors have started investing in the field of crypto currency within the time span of 5 years and you might be the next one among the lot. 

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