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Simple Tips to Delete Irrelevant Pages and Organize PDF Files With GoGoPDF

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Sharing a PDF file online that consists of long pages can be challenging to manage, regardless of whether you are the one forwarding or receiving the file. As the sender, forwarding a large-sized copy via email will make workflow performance complicated. As a consequence, the document can take a long time to upload or, worse, exceed file restrictions.

On the other hand, saving a sizeable PDF file can feel like an eternity if you are on the receiving end. Aside from that, skimming through pages of insignificant information is also enough to cause you a headache.

Fortunately, there is a faster way to complete the task. In this post, you will learn how to organize your files and delete unnecessary pages properly with GoGoPDF.

A Short Overview of GoGoPDF’s Deletion Tool

If you are someone who eyes for high-quality outcomes and faster conversion performance, GoGoPDF is the pioneering web-based tool you can rely on.

In addition to its page deletion tool, this online portal has a range of features that allow anyone to easily edit the contents of their digital documents, resulting in a hassle-free experience on the web.

On top of that, suppose you are in a hurry to delete PDF pages, GoGoPDF is one click away to address your file-related issues. Its user-friendly interface provides an enthusiastic atmosphere resulting in a more efficient workflow process.

How to Delete Unwanted Pages Using GoGoPDF

The rapid advancement of technology requires significant effort to determine a dependable tool that does not limit its users from using the functions available.

Fortunately, the presence of GoGoPDF has yielded a positive result in solving several file-related issues by deleting outdated pages, rearranging them, and sorting out critical documents.

To begin organizing your files, simply follow the four-step sequence below:

  1. Open the official GoGoPDF’s homepage and open the file folder to transfer the selected copies to the server.
  2. Enter the corresponding portion you want to be excluded after submitting the required PDF files. You can reorder and sort the pages of the portable document file format in landscape or portrait mode.
  3. Press the “Apply Changes” button when you are thoroughly pleased with the content changes. Wait for the website to review and process the changes.
  4. After removing all of the unnecessary pages, GoGoPDF will generate a download link to save your newly altered document. You can save the generated PDF to your Dropbox or Google Drive account for future reference, or better yet, share it via email.

Safe Deliveries & Tight Security

Data leakage is often a risk when performing online processes and transactions. As a result, it is entirely reasonable to be hesitant and cautious when relying on online resources’ services.

For this reason, GoGoPDF has demonstrated to its digital users that the online platform is a secure web-based tool that values information security, privacy, as they are will-built.

Aside from that, according to GoGoPDF’s Privacy Policy, once you’ve finished using the features, the website will automatically delete the files that have been processed. All the processes performed on the server are encrypted with SSL. The Secure Sockets Layer’s primary role is to mix details to provide security and obstruct potential theft.

Go Premium with GoGoPDF

While GoGoPDF offers a free trial for new users, being a premium member has distinct advantages over using only a registered account, right? If you choose to become a premium user, you will have unrestricted access to all of the website’s functionality and will be able to perform multiple tasks without being limited.

Moreover, you will be introduced to an infinite number of OCR or Optical Recognition activities in addition to the advantages of being a premium member.

If you’re only applying for a registered account or you’re a paying customer, GoGoPDF will always go above and beyond to ensure a smooth process and high-quality performance.


By merely observing how well it handles PDF problems, relying on the resources of GoGoPDF makes a significant difference in comparison to other online tool providers.

With GoGoPDF, you’ll get an all-in-one solution with a simple approach and user-friendly interface. So, for all of your file-related problems, use GoGoPDF right now.

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