Different Versions of Online Slots

When most people think about online gambling, the first thing that comes to mind is slots. Online slots, to be specific. These games have become the poster child for gambling online, and for good reason.

Slots are fun, simple, and easy to get into. Newbies don’t need to know much about gambling in order to play slots, as the gameplay consists of pushing buttons. No wonder they are such a major hit.

The Diversity of Online Slots 

However, many might find that online slots can get tiresome after a while. After all, they all have the same basic gameplay, and the same premise. So, how do online game developers diversify their games in order to attract an audience, and keep existing gamblers from getting bored?

There are several ways in which experienced game creators do this. If you would like to try an online pokie at Christchurch Casino, or on any such website, read on, as we go over the different online slot games that one could find online, and talk about what makes them different, and what makes them interesting.

So, without further ado, let us begin.

1. Classic Slots

When people say “classic slots,” the first thing that comes to mind are those old, brass, machines, with fruit symbols and a single reel. And that is exactly what we are referring to as well.

Imagine if you could capture the essence of the 20th century American bar, and transform it into pixels on a screen. Well, with classic slots, you don’t have to imagine what that would look like.

The upside of classic slots is that they are fun, and remind us of a time long gone. A time we may not have experienced, but have a strange sense of nostalgia for.

The downside, however, is that most classic slots usually have a single reel. This means that there is only one pay line, which might make the game a little less engaging.

2. Themed Slots

If classic slots aren’t your thing, then almost certainly themed slots will be what captures your attention. These games incorporate the aesthetics that have grown popular in our mainstream culture.

Horror, music, fantasy, science fiction, and westerns are some of the most popular themes. Themed slots then include symbols, backgrounds, and even music that matches these themes. 

There are also some themed slots that take inspiration from the classics. The difference would be that themed slots still have multiple reels and multiple pay lines. Basically, the only thing they borrow from classic slots in this case is the aesthetic. 

3. Video Poker

Though not a slot game per say, video poker is quite similar to slots. The game is played on a reel, where you spin the reel, but instead of fruits, the symbols represent popular suites from poker. The way to win the game is simple; you just need to get a winning hand. 

Video poker may just be the most popular version of poker played at most casinos. It is a great introduction to the game proper, and a fun break from actual slots. However, unlike real poker, video poker takes a lot less skill and knowledge of the game.

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