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Top Energy Usage Tracking Apps You Should Use Today

Energy Usage Tracking Apps

The cost of energy is currently high. Plus, with climate change effects, it’s unlikely to come down any time soon. However, that doesn’t mean giving in to high-cost energy. You can control your energy consumption at home or office and bring the cost down.

One of the best ways to do this is through technology. With the following apps, you can track your energy usage and bring the cost down.

Energy Usage Tracking Apps

1. Green Outlet

This app typically comes with exceptional features. It’s uniquely designed to help you identify the best types of home appliances. All you need is to enter your personal data and the application will automatically generate an average monthly rate.

It’s also imperative to note that the app incorporates an alert feature to notify you about your energy usage and whether or not you have exceeded the recommended carbon usage.

2. Energy Cost Calculator

This is another popular energy-tracking app. It tracks your energy usage and automatically calculates the cost of energy consumed by each electronic device. All you need is to enter the approximate energy use per hour and the app will calculate exactly what you’re supposed to pay.

It will calculate your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual energy costs. Moreover, the app will display the level of your carbon emissions per day. You can also use Utility bIdder to compare business gas prices. 

3. Smappee

This app’s main goal is to help you track your energy usage. Plus, it seeks to assist you to understand the type of costs related to that user.

Smappee is outfitted with a clip-on sensor that you can readily attach to your fuse box. Once you’ve done that, you can effectively monitor your energy through the app for free.

And the good news is that this information is delivered to you in real-time. Besides, the app is capable of identifying all appliances in your home. This in turn allows you to calculate the overall costs, as well as, energy consumption.

4. Energy Cloud

Energy Cloud application was created to help homeowners remotely track their energy consumption. But you’ll need to install sensors to assist the app to gather relevant information.

The app is simple to use and doesn’t require professional assistance. You can readily download it on your mobile device and start adjusting your energy usage.

5. Nest Mobile

This is another incredible app for tracking your energy consumption habits. It features a programmable Nest Learning Thermostat, which enables homeowners to regulate their home’s temperature automatically.

It gives you complete control over your energy usage. Moreover, the app will display your energy history hence helping you pinpoint potential areas to make adjustments.

6. Light Bulb Finder

This app helps users upgrade their lighting systems. It aims at helping homeowners replace conventional lights with energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

While it doesn’t track your energy consumption, it does help you keep your energy usage low. The app allows you to view energy costs, savings, as well as the bulbs’ environmental impact.

The Bottom-Line

The above apps will help you bring the cost of energy down. Use these apps for tracking and controlling your energy usage at home.

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