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Amazing Free Lead Tracking WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Business

It is significant to generate leads for brand name survival in this internet world. Because more leads are proportionate to more revenue.

Either you will enjoy the successor will detest the failure. It is advisable to follow the well-established Lead tracking system to check what is appropriate and what is a waste.  

Undoubtedly, WordPress is expedient to be used for business growth. In this article, we have highlighted some of the free lead tracking WordPress plugins that would be extremely helpful to grow your business.

Powerful free lead tracking WordPress plugins

1. Lead forensics

This plugin track and spy the visitors on the website 24X7. Appropriate use of this plugin can transform the visitors into leads and accelerate ROI. It provides reports for visitor’s activities on your websites,  traffic source, and purchased products. 

2. WordPress leads

It gives information about visitors with their regular activities. This plugin aims to use it for the website’s landing pages. With WordPress leads, you can keep track of comments, orders, and premium product sales. 

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3. Jumplead marketing software

This plugin gives an automatic track of potential customers (lead). With this plug-in, you can have access to contact level analytics and email marketing with onboard CRM that provides real-time reports for website performance.

4. Brilliant Web to Lead for salesforce

It gives an interaction among the Salesforce CRM and WordPress account. The contact form can be used on the website to integrate the authentic data of site visitors in Salesforce CRM. It gives a quick idea about what is appropriate and what is not. 

5. Lead Squared Suite

It keeps a script of all the pages of your website. It regularly tracks the activities of the visitors and keeps you updated with the error-free documentation. With this plug-in, you can manage the forms in LeadSquared on the website to generate instant leads.

6. Gator leads

It is a reason for failed business marketing initiatives and successful lead generation campaigns. Being a B2B lead generation, it will inform you about the website’s performance on KIPs after installation.  Gator leads can be integrated with the third-party CRMs as well for email marketing, segmentation, and automatic data capturing. 

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7. Inbound Rocket

This plugin notifies the lead generation activities of real-time analytics and instant alerts. With Inbound Rocket, you can interact with the customers for lead generation via automated email marketing and other modes of communication for generating more sales and leads.

8. Before and after

It will keep track of visitors and notifies when the action was accomplished by them. It is compatible with the plugins that utilize shortcodes.  Before and after plugin can help you with easy download protection, website content and shows the copyright notice to the customers.


With this article, you can have an idea of several ways of generating leads for your WordPress websites.

Above mentioned WordPress plugins will perform magnificently for generating leads and business growth.  Choose the one from these lead tracking plugins and enjoy the experience.

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