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Best Instagram WordPress Plugins

Currently, Instagram is a popular social networking site and businesses are taking it to another level by integrating their WordPress accounts with Instagram.

It is not extremely difficult to integrate your Instagram account with your WordPress website. Once the integration is completed, all the posts from the Instagram account will be displayed on the website.

If you choose from the popular Instagram WordPress plugins, it will become easier for you to control the manner in which the Instagram contents are displayed on the website. In this article, we will let you know the 6 best Instagram WordPress plugins.

6 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins

1) Instagram Feed

It is a plug-in that has numerous features, which will help you in adding photos in numerous ways. You will come across a gallery layout or the grid feed, the layout of Polaroid-style, and a unique slider.

It is extremely easy and convenient to set this plug-in up with the help of the easy configuration options.

2) EasyNote

EasyNote provides a simple and convenient manner of adding any Instagram widget within the theme that you have selected. It is clean and has a minimal design that helps in providing all the content with a lot of room so that they can breathe properly.

3) InstaShow

InstaShow is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress galleries for your Instagram account. It is a perfect WordPress plug-in, which makes it simple and convenient to display the content from your Instagram account on the website.

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4) Instagram Auto Poster

Selecting an auto poster is a great idea as well. The Instagram Auto Poster is unique as it helps in growing the Instagram following that you have with the automation power that it has. Instagram Auto Poster is undoubtedly a great plug-in for both businesses as well as individuals.

5) InstaLink Instagram Widget

InstaLink Instagram Widget will help in adding custom widgets to the WordPress website, which makes it simple and convenient to display all your contents directly from the Instagram account on your website.

Just enter the Instagram username or hashtags, and the content is pulled directly into the website.

6) Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is another perfect WordPress plug-in, which provides all the necessary tools that are required for publishing the Instagram contents on separate websites.

It is true that you can use this plug-in with almost any theme of your choice; however, if you are looking for the best combination, it is a good idea to use the included theme only.

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