5 Fun Facts You May Have Not Known About Online Casino Gaming

Young Woman Playing Online Casino

The world of online casino gaming as we know it has changed very recently with some innovations to make it better.

Playing at an online casino is much more convenient than going to a physical casino that could be an hour or more away from home.

Here are 5 fun facts that you may have not known about online casino gaming. 

1. Some Online Casino Platforms Now Accept Cryptocurrency

Some casino platforms allow bettors to fund their bankroll with cryptocurrency. While you can still use fiat currency from your bank or credit cards to deposit into your bankroll, the worldwide casino industry has made exceptional innovations to allow you to use your crypto wallet that includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other acceptable crypto investments as an alternative to fund your casino bets. 

Check with the casino platform of your choice to see if any of their acceptable payment methods include crypto. If so, then you have even more diversification in ways to fund your bankroll when you feel the itch to spin the roulette wheel or hit it in a round of blackjack. 

2. America Has the Most Users, But Europe Has More Revenue 

Users in the gambling industry amounted to 81.2 million in America in 2023 compared to the 52.3 million users that same year. Despite America having 28.9 million more users than Europe, they still accumulated less of a revenue in comparison.

The United States generated $29.64 billion for 2023 while the revenue that Europe generated in the market was $43.01 billion. As of the third quarter of 2023, Europe has accumulated the most revenue amongst other regions in the online gambling industry. 

Remember that these figures include revenue from casino gaming and sports betting within both countries. By perusing these figures, this high contrast in revenue between the countries could show that Americans are making lower wagers on casino games versus bettors in Europe. 

3. Online Casino Gaming Now Involves Virtual Reality (VR)

Depending on the platform you log on to, some online casinos have innovated their virtual reality features for you to feel more like you are at a physical casino in your home.

With or without virtual reality goggles depending on the platform’s technical features for logging on, these casinos have found a way to give you a casino gameplay experience from the comfort of home so you are getting your money’s worth even without visiting a location physically. 

Between live dealers being online with you as you place your wagers, to being able to talk in real-time with other players, it’s an eye-catching experience to be able to virtually “walk” the casino floor in between playing your favorite casino games. 

4. Land-Based Casinos With Online Options Try To Encourage Bettors To Play Online

Any land-based casinos that also have online gameplay options usually try to entice bettors to engage in gameplay online so that they can save on overhead costs at the physical location. This way, they can turn on only a limited number of gaming machines to reduce their electricity output and remain a greener facility. 

If you compare bonuses on an online platform to their land-based equivalent, if applicable, sometimes the better bonuses, promotions, and special events are on the online platform.

It’s in the best interest of a casino to encourage more online gameplay from their consumers so that they do not have to pay as much money at the physical location. This is why some casinos only operate online without a sister land-based version.                                                                                      

5. About 26% Of the World Population Gambles

About 1.6 billion people gamble on a regular basis throughout the year while 4.2 billion gamble at the very least one time in a calendar year.

This shows that some people do not mind the uncertainty of gambling, but the bulk of individuals around the world would prefer not to take that chance in losing their hard-earned cash.

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