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Future of Web Hosting: What to Expect?

Future of hosting

Since its early and humble beginning, the web hosting industry has now evolved into a mature IT market with a huge number of offerings for its customers. The web hosting plans that exist today are more diversified, with more resources and features becoming abundant. We are already observing a huge dip in the hosting plans and there has been an emergence of more specialized hosting services.

Web hosting still remains to be a competitive market today and has become a must for all those who’re looking to launch either a blog or website or an online e-commerce store. With rapid advancements in the technology domain, the question that always arises amongst the hosting providers is regarding the future of hosting and its expansion.

With the emergence of newer customer segments, the need for web and application hosting services will be on the rise and newer services will be more specialized for addressing the new needs of customers.

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Predicting the ‘Future’ by Numbers

A research carried out by an IT research company has stated that the growth parameters of different web hosting services will continue to show a different pattern. The focus of the web hosting industry is going to shift from using traditional hosting infrastructure to a more specialized infrastructure environment like IaaS and SaaS.

The hosting industry is expecting to grow annually at a rate of 15.5%. The key revenue growth drivers include the managed hosting to grow at 18.7%, closely followed by shared hosting and dedicated hosting with growth rates of 10.4% and 5.7% per year respectively.

Considering the market share, web and application hosting will be witnessing a decline, but on the progressive side, managed hosting can see a surprising rise of 71.5%.

This shift and new customer segmentation can be an exciting opportunity for the existing providers for catering to the emerging demands and depict the prospective customers about the value that Cloud services can add to their businesses.

New Innovations

Some significant future innovations in the web hosting industry include- green web hosting and decentralized web hosting. In these domains, blockchain technology can be more helpful in storing data on various nodes across the world. This method works well in case of failure of a particular node, thus having no hindrance in the online presence of a website.

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Decentralized Web

Having a decentralized Web in place, the development of hosting services doesn’t depend on a single organization. Decentralized hosting is significantly a major transformation for the existing computing models.

Blockchain technology is going to boost the ability to use decentralized processes such as data storage, computing, and operations. In this case, the responsibility of hosting is shared among multiple servers, rather than being solely dependent on a single server.

Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting is an Internet hosting service involving the use of green technologies to reduce the impact on the environment.

It includes carbon offsetting powering a data center directly by the use of renewable sources of energy, planting trees near the data centers, and also engaging in daily activities like energy conservation and the use of energy-saving appliances.

Adoption of green hosting in today’s time is a bit slow in the early days, as most of the companies offer green hosting at premium prices.

With time, the consumers will be more aware and then most of the hosting companies would be offering green web services at no extra cost.

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