Easy Ways to Get Customer Feedback For Your Restaurant

Pihappiness restaurant feedback system

The restaurant is such a place where people don’t generally go every single day but rather visit occasionally. They visit the restaurant for an indelible haute cuisine experience.

This experience depends upon several characters, like the décor, the ambiance, the hygiene level of the place, the quality, freshness, and authenticity of the cuisine, the prompt service of the staff and their courtesy towards their customers.

However, if they find the services provided by the restaurant to be exceptionally good, they will not only visit the restaurant more frequently but also, will be more than happy to give their feedback. 

Assessments and data evaluation give all sorts of understanding on what the customer wants from the restaurant, but doesn’t it feel much better to receive the comments from the customers directly? 

Feedback is not merely the reciprocation of the customer after they’ve received a service, but also their opinions, reviews, and suggestions on how to make the service impeccable. It gives an insight into what they expect from the service and how the restaurant can refine their experience. 

So, it’s quite evident that customer feedback is of vital importance. 

The customer feedback software helps businesses know exactly what the customer wants from their service. There are many restaurant feedback apps to collect customer feedback precisely. 

There are several ways to collect customer feedback for your restaurant.

1. Surveys

To obtain feedback, surveys are the most facile and one of the simplest ways to collect it. Surveys can be either long or short. The customer feedback software may provide both long surveys and short surveys with a palatable questionnaire, but mostly short surveys with more open-ended questions get the best response because it’s hassle-free and can be done in a matter of a few minutes. 

2. Face-To-Face Interaction

To get the customer’s feedback, one of the easiest methods is to reach out directly. If you truly want to understand somebody you need to go and talk to them. This is best done by the waiters, who may build a rapport and talk to the guests and showcase credibility in front of them so that they share their honest feedback with them. 

3. Social Media Feedback

The customers who “check-in” to the restaurant using social media, can be asked to provide their feedback as soon as they link the name of the place with their feed. This link may be connected to restaurant feedback software, that directly adds up the reviews of the customers for the convenience of the businessmen. 

4. Using Web Analytics

Using web analytics, one can see the activity of the customers. The food they click on more and have more often in an area is going to make it easier for the restaurant to improve themselves and serve their customers better. This method is particularly helpful for restaurants that have delivery options available. 

5. Feedback Forms

Sometimes, it’s better to hand over feedback forms to the customers so that they can fill it in writing. They can share their views and opinions on a piece of paper handed over to them while they are about to finish their meal and going to ask for the bill. They can provide their reviews and give suggestions if any. 

6.Using Technology

Using technology for feedback is gaining popularity with each passing day. There are customer feedback apps and restaurant feedback apps which are very helpful in collecting reviews.

This can also be done by handing over tablets along with the bill to the customer and ask them to provide their feedback. This not only makes the person feel good about being a valued customer but also takes the class of the restaurant to a whole new level. 


In all sorts of businesses, the customer feedback is invaluable and every opinion of the customer counts. Customer feedback software can go a long way in helping businesses build their rapport.

However, one must keep in mind that gathering opinions is not enough, acting upon it is equally important. One must realize, being ‘informed’ and ‘concerned’ must not be a replacement for ‘real action’.

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