Google Cloud grows faster than AWS, Azure and Alibaba Cloud

In 2018 it grew above 90%, which means that it is the infrastructure provider that advances the most among the four largest.

The infrastructure services in the cloud continued to grow in 2018. Last year came to move more than 80,000 million following an unprecedented increase of 46%. Canalys believes that the pace will remain until overcoming the barrier of 143,000 million in 2020. Since Azure is enterprise-centric and used across all the sectors and verticals, you can start your career in this fast-growing cloud domain with Intellipaat’s Azure training.

Among only four providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud) star in 61% of the cloud services market. The most prominent one is Amazon Web Services with an individual percentage of 32%.

However, Google Cloud is the one that is improved faster, so much that last year it grew more than 90% to keep an 8% share. Microsoft Azure is 17% and the Alibaba Cloud is 4%.

It should also be noted that about one third (30% or about 24,000 million) of spending on infrastructure services in the cloud comes from the channel. In fact, 74% of the revenue collected by Microsoft Azure comes directly from its partners. Meanwhile, the Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services channel businesses represent more than 25% and around 15% of their revenues, respectively.

“Alibaba Cloud is further back,” says Alastair Edwards, chief analyst at Canalys, “although it is investing in the cloud service market as part of its international momentum.”

Edwards is confident that “the channel will play a vital role for cloud service providers, in terms of increasing the reach of its customers, both from a technical and sales point of view.”


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