How to hire an app developer in the USA, and how much does it cost

Mobile app developers are an asset to any business, but the costs of hiring experts from Western Europe and the US can be prohibitive for small businesses. So how can you hire app developers at a reasonable price? In this article, we will discuss how to hire an app developer in the USA and if it is worth the investment.

App developer for hire in the US – pros, and cons

Hiring top US-based coders doesn’t have to be the end of the world for your company. With their expertise, skilled US coders can be invaluable, providing high-quality code for websites, apps, and more. However, developers come with hefty price tags and long waiting times between project phases in some cases.


  • Flawless communication – communication is critical for the project’s success. If you have worked with foreign teams, you might already know that misunderstanding can cost a whole fortune.
  • Expertise – if you hire a coder to make an app and the programmer is from the US, they will most likely have worked with sophisticated systems.
  • Uncompromising quality – when you hire mobile developers from the US, they will be well aware that their rates might be much higher than the ones in Asia and some locations in Eastern Europe, which is why it is very likely that programmers will compensate for the premium price with high-quality code and shorter deadlines.
  • Similar culture working with local developers is excellent, as you share many similarities. You can both celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and can even joke about something without having to think of how it will be received from the other party.
  • Time zones – working with US developers allows you to have similar working shifts, so if something urgent happens, your programmers might be quick to react.


  • Price – if you hire an app development team from the US, you will pay more. US developers will charge you more than in Ukraine or The Philippines, for instance, despite their qualities. If your budget is tight, you will notice the difference.
  • Queue more prominent app development companies are constantly occupied with massive projects, and you have to wait quite a while to start.

Where and how to hire an app developer in the USA

Before you hire an app developer, there are several factors to consider. Is your project big enough to justify the high cost of an experienced developer? Do you require scalability, or do you just need a quick fix to solve a small problem now? Are you willing to invest in a long-term relationship with a team that can help grow your concept?


Companies that hire freelance developers for a project have many advantages. The first is that you have access to a much wider pool of candidates, which means you have many more options to choose from.

Prices are often lower because the freelancer is not required to create health insurance or dental insurance, or other benefits packages for themselves, resulting in significantly lower costs.

Of course, you should not forget that working with freelancers might be disastrous if the person overestimates their skills or decides to leave your project for some reason. And still, this is a good option if you cannot pay more than $60 or $70 per hour.

In-house developers

Not having a skilled mobile app developer on board is detrimental to your company. Without an experienced, dedicated team that can create quality mobile experiences for your customers, you’re falling behind the competition.

An affordable price point is almost non-existent, so only teams with substantial experience should be considered.

The average salary for developers in the US is over $96,000. This is without social benefits. It’s a hefty price that one should think about wisely before paying.

Dedicated app development company

Hiring a company with a g track record for developing apps will give you peace of mind. Such software companies have the experience and expertise to turn your ideas into reality, freeing you from the headaches involved in app development.

These companies also offer dedicated services from start to finish, from project kick-off to maintenance and updates after launch. A median price of around $150 might be scary for some, but in the end, it often turns out it has been worth it.

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