How Businesses Can Benefit From SASE Solutions

Secure Access Service Edge

SASE, which stands for Secure Access Service Edge, is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution, one that advances recognized security functions with a focus on dynamic security.

Instead of just focusing on one singular technology, SASE solutions provide WAN security with anti-malware, cloud access security brokers, and a number of other direct solutions for a business.

SASE security helps streamline connection, SASE monitors traffic on a user’s device, rather than within the security center itself.

With this approach, there is no slowing of traffic when numerous employees attempt to access a cloud service at the same time, helping to increase workplace productivity without compromising security.

There are a number of reasons that SASE solutions are becoming popular. The vast majority of these come back to the increasing number of people that need to access data centers from remote locations.

Fifty years ago, employees would all commute to work, making a central hub an effective way of holding and managing information.

However, as people now require access from absolutely anywhere – often on an international scale – this is no longer an effective way of managing a business. This change has resulted in a need for security to equally evolve.

This converges with a number of reasons that drive SASE solutions adoption:

  • More Cloud Services – Comparing the sheer usage of cloud services and SaaS applications from now to 10 years ago, it’s no wonder that SASE has so rapidly evolved. 
  • Sensitive Data Increase – As companies move to the cloud, a much larger number of them are now holding sensitive data on the cloud. In order to better protect that data, SASE systems are evoked.
  • Boosted Traffic – There is much more traffic now running through cloud services, making a SASE a much more effective way of managing security

This is really only scratching the surface, with SASE having completely changed the face of security services management.

What Are the Benefits of Using SASE?

As businesses push further into the digital age, their need for dynamic solutions has only increased. While companies once operated at similar sizes for many years, that is simply not the case anymore.

Modern businesses need to be able to scale, with the additional agility and flexibility that they require having been a point of difficulty for security solutions.

That is, of course, until the arrival of SASE. SASE is becoming increasingly useful as they continue to develop, acting as an all-in-one framework that ensures security while keeping productivity and accessibility high.

There are a number of benefits that businesses will find when using SASE security solutions.

1. Cost-Saving

In order to succeed, businesses need to continually increase their profit margin, with even small savings converting into millions of USD down the line. When it comes to operational costs, security is always one of the leading factors that a business must consider.

While SASE solutions still cost money, the extent of what they provide will radically decrease the overall security costs for a company.

Currently, a business has to use a range of different security solutions employing different platforms and management systems to cover distinct areas of its operations.

However, SASE focuses on giving power to the users, creating user-based security that allows services to have much more precise control of their security.

Going beyond just a singular technology, SASE provides a base security that dynamically shifts to the needs of the business. With this in mind, businesses can save a great deal on security, helping to reduce operational costs and keep things running smoothly.

2. Better Security


As an advanced security framework, SASE has a precise system that keeps users and businesses safe from cyber threats. One of the leading problems with modern security is the sheer scope of the attack surface that businesses have.

Especially considering the number of devices each user has and how many people work from home, the attack surface is impossible to manage.

SASE security systems work to eliminate a business’s attack surface as a whole, by providing security on a user and device-based level. All connections to a system or platform as monitored externally b= the system itself. This approach eliminates the complexity of an attack surface as the only direct connection comes from the user that’s trying to get onto the platform.

This system is cloud-native, one that’s directly designed for our modern world of remote access. Businesses that want to scale without putting their security at risk will find the perfect solution within SASE.

3. Increased Performance

Surveys conducted toward the end of 2022 demonstrated that over 25% of the US workforce works completely remotely. This doesn’t even scratch the expanse of international workers that are now working online.

With this rise in remote access, businesses are increasingly having to turn to cloud services. In most businesses, the clunky base security provided results in long wait times for security checks and inefficient working.

SASE is an intelligent form of security management, allowing users to access the services they need without running into unexpected security barriers.

By managing services and connections as they come in, SASE allows users to connect to platforms and access data whenever they need it, without a high latency. 

The speed with which SASE works ensures that there is no bottleneck for employees working from home, ensuring productivity remains a top priority. 

Final Thoughts

In 2022, Gartner released another report on their tracing of SASE technologies. They discovered that by 2025, almost 80% of companies will have converted to using SASE architecture at the forefront of their security services. This movement is reflective of the need for more dynamic and flexible security solutions when dealing with remote working.

With the sheer number of benefits that SASE offers to businesses, it’s not hard to see why. This technology is incredibly disruptive in the field of technology, and one that almost every major company is turning toward as we move further into 2023.

Especially considering the rising cyber threat, there has never been a better time to take enterprise security as seriously as possible.

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