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How to Dial a Phone Number Extension

An Extension Telephone line is an additional telephone wired to the same telephone line as another. For example, if someone calls at your house line, extension phones all over the house ring and can be used to receive the call.

These phone extensions can be used in places like an office building where multiple individual phones are used. This is mostly used for Landlines. Even smartphones have their own way of utilizing the extensions so let us understand this more in detail in this article.

How to Dial a Phone Number Extension on Android Phones

There are two ways to dial extended numbers on Android phones: First is using the + symbol on the number pad when dialing a number that is not in your contact list and the second is entering the + when adding a new contact.

Step 1: In order to add the extension when dialing, enter the main number and then press and hold the 0 buttons until a + is added to the number.

Step 2: Now, enter the extension number.

Step 3: Follow the same steps while entering a number with an extension into a new contact.

2. How to Dial a Phone Number Extension on iPhones

So, in order to dial an extension on the iPhone follow the below Steps.

Step 1: Open the Phone App.

Step 2: Dial the main number you are calling.

Step 3: Now, long-press the * key (asterisk) until a comma appears. The comma acts as a pause and makes your phone know it’s dialing an extension.

Step 4: After that, enter the extension number after the comma.

Step 5: Tap on the Green Phone button and you will be able to dial the person you are trying to reach.

3. How to Dial a Phone Number Extension on Windows Phone

In windows phones, there is no option to directly add an extension while you are entering a number to dial. However, you can add an extension to the number in contact.

Step 1: First open your text or email app.

Step 2: Now, type the main phone number followed by w, for the extension to instantly dial after the main number or p to pause three seconds before the extension number is dialed.

Step 3: Tap the full number you typed and drag the circles at each end to highlight the entire number then tap “Copy”.

Step 4: Load the “Start” menu and click “People”.

Step 5: After that swipe over to “Contacts” and tap “New+”.

Step 6: Tap the “Mobile” field and select “Paste” to add the number.

Step 7: You might need to swipe to the next suggestions menu to get the Paste option. Use the contact card to make the call.

The above mentioned are some of the best possible ways to dial a phone number extension. Thanks for reading.

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