How to Download PPT from SlideShare

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Download PPT from SlideShare

SlideShare is one of the best website for corporate employees. SlideShare allows users to download and share business documents and presentations online. These documents come in numerous formats as per the author who uploaded the file for conversion.

You can download a PPT from SlideShare directly in many cases, but for some documents, additional steps are required to get it into the desired format.

SlideShare readers can select to download PPT files as slide clipping or PDFs. If you want to study the SlideShare presentation in detail, then these features will be more helpful.

If you want to evaluate the information for further study just download the business documents or presentations from SlideShare. But downloading PPT from Slideshare is not possible sometimes. In this article, we will let you know how to download PPTs from Slideshare.

Download PPT from SlideShare

There are many sites that are available on the Internet to Download PPT, but SlideShare plays an important role with multiple features. Slideshare is having by default format to download a PPT, which is very useful to go ahead.

  • By logging into your SlideShare account, You can download available PPTs from the platform, and then you can download documents from SlideShare as per the required format. 
  • Then click the “Download” button (above or next to the slide).
  • Click “Continue to download” when the site asked if you would like to clip the slide. 
  • Click the “Save File” button and then on the “OK.” 
  • As you require PPT, Your SlideShare file will download. 
  • If it downloads as a PDF or Word doc then you will need to take the next steps to get a PPT file of the SlideShare site.

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 Convert PDF to PPT

After downloading PDF files from SlideShare, using a free online conversion tool, you may convert the PDF to PPT. There are many free websites available that can convert PDF files into PPT.

  • Just visit and upload the PDF file, kindly click on the “Upload File” button.
  • To convert the file click the “Convert” button.
  • Click the “Download” button (To Download the PPT version). 
  • You can now edit and view the file in software like LibreOffice Impress, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Apple’s Keynote software.

Convert Word Doc to PPT

Normally, the SlideShare file that you download may be in .docx or .doc format. With the available tools, you also can make these well-matched with PowerPoint by importing and converting Word document files to PPT. 

  • You need to import your word document into your PowerPoint slideshow by simply clicking the “Insert” option, in the top bar and then clicking “Object.” 
  • Then click on the “Create from file” option.
  • Click “Browse” to open the downloaded Word Doc File. 
  • More features, Uncheck the boxes next to the “Link” and “Display as icon” 
  • Then click on “OK” to import the doc.
  • Side by Side, by using an online conversion tool, you can convert the Word doc to the PPT format. 

For more control over PowerPoint and easily change things like the layout and text, Converting Word doc this option is more useful than importing.