How to Poach Top Employees as Onsite Work Setups Return

There is nothing feistier than stealing the prized possession of your direct competitors, their top employees. It is like breaking into someone else’s house in broad daylight.

It is an open secret in the business world that approaching an employee from a peer is unethical. Hence, lawsuits, controversies, and business sanctions are some possible repercussions. 

Now, remote work setups are ending, and employees are contemplating their resignations. Companies are going to extreme lengths to make their employees accept the situation and stay.

Yet, many are still displeased with the decision. In a recent survey, two in five workers in Canada would rather quit than return to the original setup. 

Amidst the uproar, now is the time to move in the shadows. Be careful to avert the consequences of your bold actions. Hence, we will provide you with tips to poach employees safely as office work setups return. 

How to Poach Top Employees as Onsite Work Setups Return

1. Try to Tap Into Their Emotions and Ego 

Many employees are now disappointed with the notice of returning to the office. It will be hard for you to convince them to jump ship if you also implement the same setup.

But, of course, things can be settled in proper communication. Do not make them feel that it’s okay to stay in their company despite the changes in the setup. That’s not your goal in the first place. 

Start by expressing patience and empathy. Tell them that you will feel the same thing if you are in their shoes. Your understanding of the mental space they are in will give you an edge over the other poachers. Let them talk about their frustrations before explaining why going back to the office will be fun. 

From there, you may start talking about their potential and praising their achievements. Make them feel that they will make a significant contribution to the company.

Know their goals and try to match them with yours. It will excite them, knowing that your company will provide them with more avenues for growth. 

2. Prove That You Are the Real Deal 

There are many ways to show that your company is the real deal. You may start with your compensation package. This part may sound cliche, but it still works a lot. In an article, offering an above-average salary motivates employees and increases their focus.

You spent less on utilities and leases for more than two years of remote work setups. So it won’t hurt if you use the money saved to lure those who will help you reach your goals. 

You may also do it in the form of allowances and benefits. For instance, you may provide them with risk benefits. The pandemic’s toll is not yet over, and the last thing they want is to get infected.

If they think that is not enough, you may provide them with a transportation allowance or company shuttles. That way, they have a door-to-door pickup and drop-off service. They will not have to commute and queue up in long lines. 

Showing them a vibrant and lenient work environment will be more helpful. A relaxing ambiance with plenty of freebies, breaks, and chit-chats will entice them.

Training will also prove that you care about their development. Many top executive recruiters and HR firms like IQ PARTNERS know the perfect combination to attract new employees and improve retention. Many other aspects are vital in ensuring the quality of labor and output. 

3. Be Subtle 

While you have to prove your capacity, you still have to be subtle. Tempt them, but keep your distance. In this manner, you can convey that your intent to hire them will benefit them significantly. More importantly, it will help you keep the risks of lawsuits and controversies at bay. 

4. Be Inspiring 

Tell them personal stories, especially about your fun adventure at work. You may tell them the challenges you have been through and how your colleagues and manager helped you surpass them.

You may even include your salary when you started and how it went up rapidly as time went by. Also, your little wins and rise on the corporate ladder will encourage them. 

5. Tend to Your Current Employees

Your competitors may fight back by stealing your employees. While you are busy looking for possible contributors, another person may be planning to prey on yours.

Make your employees feel valued by providing their needs and listening to their suggestions. Salary, training, and breaks are essential in ensuring their loyalty and motivating them. 

Bottom Line 

Stealing a direct competitor’s employees may be both fun and challenging. It may still be similar to your methods when hiring new ones or maintaining employee retention.

Extra caution must be made to prevent problems in the business circle. If they are worth the risk, time, and effort, you should know what to do. 

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