How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Smart One This Holiday Season

Home automation, commonly referred to as smart home technology, is ruling in 2022. With the most recent technological developments, homes are getting smarter every day.

There are a lot of factors to take into account when discussing smart home appliances, including smart thermostats, smart lighting, and home security systems.

Having said that, one part of the house is sometimes overlooked: the restrooms. Today, smart gadgets are available for practically every room in your house, and bathrooms are no exception.

So, why not consider smartening your bathroom this holiday season? If one has a particularly large family, especially with a number of young children who require constant supervision, the bathroom ends up being your only option for a little amount of space.

In reality, a smart bathroom boosts the home’s value in a variety of ways and offers a significant benefit if the owner decides to sell the house. A smart bathroom has a lot of promise with showerheads, faucets, mirrors, and lights.

All of these smart bathroom accessories may help create the perfect bathroom environment, and some of them are energy-efficient, which reduces water waste. You can also consider opting for a smart home setup service for certain upgrades for a smart bathroom.

In this article will discuss the various bathroom features that can benefit from smart technology as well as the advantages of having a smart bathroom.

4 Ways You Can Build a Smart Bathroom

Smart Bathroom

Instead of going into detail about any specific products, we’ll give a few useful bathroom design ideas. Understanding your requirements and those of your family is the key to a successful smart home.

A customized connected home will be easy to achieve after that has been established.

1. Innovative Shower System

It’s time to think about obtaining a digital shower, or smart shower system if it’s becoming a headache to fiddle with the water temperature in the shower to get it to your preferred temperature.

Instead of scorching or freezing yourself, just picture LED lights shining in a precise hue to direct you toward the ideal water temperature. Furthermore, using the wrong water temperature for bathing children can be more harmful than convenient.

The greatest smart showers contain digital valves and flashing LEDs that flash red as the water temperature rises, white when the temperature is finally optimum, and blue when the water temperature begins to fall.

In addition to providing youngsters with some wonderful amusement while taking showers, it’s a great safety feature.

Last but not least, a smart shower system ensures that there is no water dropping after a shower, so there is no need to worry about water waste.

2. Voice Assistant in the Bathroom

Digital assistants are rising in popularity. An LED showerhead with a speaker would be incredible; doesn’t it seem like something out of a science fiction film? Consumers are drawn to the powerful voice assistant trifecta of Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

You won’t need any special gadgets if you have a virtual butler in your smart bathroom, which is fantastic. In order to avoid getting your smartphone wet when looking for music to play while taking a bath, you may effortlessly modify the smart lights by speaking commands into the Google Nest Mini.

First Energy is having a smart bundle sale in which you can enjoy using Google Nest Mini, alongside smart light bulbs and a smart plug.

Virtual digital assistants undoubtedly bring a level of convenience to a smart home, but it’s best to include your bathroom in the list if you’re looking for a less hands-on experience. Alexa would be ideal for controlling your devices using simple voice requests.

3. 21st Century Toilet

The Japanese appear to be in the lead in this specific race when it comes to smart toilets. For many years, they have been steadily creating smarter and smarter toilets, to the point where using them feels overwhelming, particularly if you’re visiting Japan.

A smart toilet might be the best choice if you find the thought of using paper towels repulsive but find the thought of using a cold spritzing wand or bidet to be equally repulsive. To avoid being hit with an extremely cold jet, smart toilets offer bidets with temperature-controlled water.

When the bidet stops spraying water, these smart toilets also include automatic dryers that turn on, leaving you feeling clean and fresh. By doing so, one can maintain their privacy and stop the spread of UT diseases (UTIs).

Additionally, heated seats on smart toilets eliminate the anxiety associated with lowering oneself onto the toilet during the cold. One of the best features of smart toilets is that some of them include motion sensors that lower the seat for you when you approach to use them.

Elderly folks with mobility impairments can greatly benefit from smart toilets since these sensors can track how often and for how long they use the restroom, which helps caregivers know when to approach them.

4. Smart Faucets

The main reason individuals are building smart homes is to improve their energy efficiency. Digital faucets offer two main benefits right now: first, they make using the bathroom much more convenient, and second, they help save water.

You will use less water and use less energy to heat it – thanks to automated temperature management and decreased water flow. Additionally, there’s no need to squander time messing with the faucet.

Your smart bathroom can easily incorporate touchless technology, which is currently common in public restrooms. When hands approach the faucet, hot air or water automatically turns on and shuts off when the hands move away.

Once more, this will result in significant water bill savings over the course of a year. In fact, you can configure digital faucets with timers to urge the kids to use water only for the necessary length of time, so you may use them to teach your kids about water conservation.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it—some of the top smart bathroom technology to think about. After our bedrooms, the bathroom is the one space in our houses where we frequently spend the most time.

Consequently, using a smart bathroom only enhances the experience, and what better time than the holiday season to upgrade your bathroom?

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