iProVPN Review: Is It Really Worth Investing in iProVPN?

Investing in a VPN is a complicated decision since it not only involves money, but your network security also heavily depends on it. VPNs remain important with the increasing advancements in cyberattacks and hacking sophistication. 

However, not all VPNs are up to the mark and provide top-level security. Over the last few years, the VPN market is extremely saturated with the increasing number of VPN options. 

Hence, it’s quite daunting to select the best VPN service to keep your network anonymous and secure online.

This review aims to cover a newly launched VPN service iProVPN. At the end of this review, you will come to know iProVPN’s pricing, advanced features, speed, servers, working, and other pros and cons. 

So without further ado, let’s quickly jump into what iProVPN has in the box for you! 

What is iProVPN?

iProVPN is a British-Virgin Island-based VPN service provider. It’s the latest full-features-packed, VPN service launched in 2020.

Right now, iProVPN has a 4.8-star rating on the Trustpilot platform. Besides that, this VPN provider is offering access to geo-restricted content with unlimited bandwidth and other industry-leading security features are also available. 

iProVPN – Things You Need to Know 

iProVPN is a new and paid virtual private network service that claims to get you robust, military-grade encryption, access to USA Netflix and other top media streaming services, internet kill switch, fast apps, and dedicated extensions, and major VPN protocols. 

Above all, this VPN provider also assures complete DNS leak and malware protection. It comes with a free ad-blocker tool. If you are concerned about the payment options then it’s good to know that iProVPN has monthly, yearly, and biennially payment choices. 

Another great thing about this newbie VPN service is that you don’t have to pay the full fee. You can try its 30 days free trial before subscribing. 

However, there’s much more that you need to know about iProVPN to decide whether it’s worth investing in or not. Read the complete review below! 

How Reliable Is iProVPN? 

As far as iProVPN is considered, it has all the significant security features which are essential for a reliable VPN service to make it up and run. Moreover, for a trusted VPN service, it’s very important to have a secure place to operate the business without submitting its users’ data. 

As mentioned above, iProVPN is based in British-Virgin Island. It’s a secure region with legislation that never asks for submitting sensitive users’ data. 

Besides that, the service is also providing top-security features with quite a nominal pricing structure. 

Best Features Of IProVPN

1. AES-256-Bit Encryption 

When it comes to the users’ privacy, iProVPN has it all to be the best! It offers AES-265-BIT encryption which is the highest encryption standard deployed by any VPN provider in the space.

This encryption protocol ensures you a heavily encrypted connection throughout your session and guarantees an inaccessible online experience. 

2. Seamless IP Leak Protection 

iProVPN also provides complete DNS/IP leak protection due to which you can enjoy a trouble-free, secure and uninterrupted network connection. 

3. Smart Connect 

 Smart Connect is a unique feature that you won’t get with other VPN services. Luckily, this new VPN provider is offering it. Smart Connect is a feature that automatically finds the best server as per your location, and connects you with it.

In short, with the Smart Connect feature, you don’t have to manually select a server, instead of that you just need to tap once and get connected. 

4. Servers 

Unlike other top VPN services, iProVPN is not offering a huge server range but, in the future, a high server range is something that we can expect from it.

By now, it has 150-250 servers across 20+ countries worldwide. Users can connect with popular locations to access region-locked content. 

5. Speed 

Speed is a crucial feature for a VPN. Many users use VPN for torrenting and streaming, and for that, a good speed is highly demanded. We have conducted an iProVPN speed test and the result varies from server to server. Below you can see the iProVPN speed test; 

  • IProVPN UK Server: 19.43 Mbps
  • US Server: 21.59 Mbps
  • Aus Server: 25.22 Mbps 

6. Pricing 

Compared to other VPN services, iProVPN is offering a very easy and affordable pricing plan. You can select from its three available pricing plan mentioned below: 

  • $9 for the monthly plan
  • $1.36/mo. billed for 2 years
  • $2.4/mo. billed 49.95 Triennially

7. Compatibility 

iProVPN is compatible with a range of devices and routers. Not only that it also lets you enjoy 10-simultaneous connections with a single subscription.

You can also use dedicated iProVPN apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, FireTVstick, Chromebook, Smart TVs, PS4, Xbox, and Roku. 

What Streaming Platforms Does iProVPN Unblock? 

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Hotstar
  • Disney Plus
  • Comedy Central
  • Food Network 
  • HBO Now
  • AE TV
  • Amazon Prime 

Additional Supporting Features 

  • 24/7 Chat support 
  • Zero Logs 
  • OpenVPN, IKEV2, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenConnect, and other protocols for higher speeds

What’s Our Take on IproVPN’s Usage? 

As per our testing and review, iProVPN is a good VPN service for users who love to stream videos and movies on popular platforms. Its DNS leak protection is remarkable plus speeds were also maintained throughout the session. 

Cons of iProVPN

  • Server range is very limited 
  • Monthly VPN plan is slightly expensive 


iProVPN is a new VPN service in the VPN space but its performance is quite satisfactory right at moment. However, still many upgrades and improvements are needed.

As per our review, this VPN service has a long way to go and must focus on its server range. However, bandwidth, encryption, and streaming with iProVPN is really a thing to call next-level. 

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