Is 5G’s Success Critical For Business?

5G Illustration

Despite 5G being hyped for well over ten years, its introduction into modern society is taking time. In 2022, it was estimated that 5G had rolled out to nearly 50% of UK businesses, which is a strong gain considering its launch in the UK took place only three years earlier. 

But there have been many delays, and the launch itself has not been a widespread success. A number of businesses and homeowners are still experiencing a lag in operations, and the super-fast speeds that were promised are not being received by everyone.

This is a bit of a concern when it comes to business specifically, as many are relying on 5G to keep up with new tech and ensure operations remain smooth and supported.

Not to mention, investment in 4G is slowly being phased out, meaning 5G could take over entirely as early as 2025. 5G-led innovation will need to succeed if businesses are to continue to grow.

Are Businesses Reliant On 5G’s Success?

Businesses are not reliant on 5G directly, but they are reliant on connectivity. 5G is supposed to increase bandwidth and drive new technologies such as IoT, AI and machine learning – all of which should create an estimated revenue of $13.2T in just over ten years. 

Many companies across the globe are also now predominantly operated in an online space. This means that communications between colleagues and clients are reliant on high speeds and low latency, but with 5G still scattered in its ability – users may receive fast speeds in cities but lower speeds further afield –  this communication might end up becoming damaged. 

To give an example, if a company invested in an incentive platform to help retain consumers and lower the costs of acquiring new ones, even fractionally slower operations – compared to a company benefiting from 5G’s advantages –  could deter those consumers and lead them to look elsewhere.

It is important, therefore, that 5G creates an even playing field and provides tech innovations and higher speeds in every corner of the globe.

Will 5G Be A Success?

On a broad level, the concept of 5G can not yet be deemed a success. In terms of online reaction,  the 5G rollout has generally been underwhelming, with some even claiming that 4G is better than its upgrade.

This is not very comforting for businesses that have already invested in the network and depend on its supposed superiority to support their tech capabilities, communications and security. However, it is important to note that the overall rollout is still too early to judge.

As mentioned previously, in the UK alone, it is deemed that over 50% of UK businesses have not yet accessed 5G, and this is mainly because of the tug between 4G and 5G that is still ongoing. This will be a similar story in terms of the rest of the world.

When there is a phasing out of 4G and an introduction of 5G, it means that bandwidth is still being utilised for each network – which ultimately means there is less bandwidth for 5G than it needs to be fully operational.

When the rollout is complete – and the bandwidth is reserved for 5G – then hopefully, businesses should begin to see the network reaching its full potential. 

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