Make Your Life Simple And Automate Your Home Today

Rushing out of the house to get the kids to school. You’re late for work and you have a doctor’s appointment at noon. Soccer practice is at 3 pm, or was it 4 pm? Oh, and don’t forget you have company coming over for dinner tonight. 

Life’s schedule can be hectic. Why not just make your home more efficient? Upgrading to a fully automated home — aka a smart home — is the newest craze and it’s guaranteed to help you organize your life.

From smart locks and smart bulbs to smart thermostats, you can control all the parts of your house from an app on your smartphone or computer. Automate your home with these devices and start saving time and your sanity:

1. Smart Locks

You’ll never get locked out of your house again. Smart locks are electromechanical locks that allow you to lock and unlock doors from a remote location or from inside your home. Depending on the model, smart locks are keyless, and use codes, voice activation, and video doorbell systems to control entry.

you can program the door to follow rules like locking and unlocking at specific times. No more stress about making sure the babysitter or dog walker has a house key.

Now you can greet guests remotely or assign them their own entry code to your own Smart lock for outdoor gate. It’s extremely safe & easy to set a smart lock schedule around your family’s habits. 

2. Smart Thermostat

There is no sense in leaving the heat or air conditioner on if nobody is home. That’s a waste of money. Now you can create automatic and programmable temperature settings from daily schedules, exterior weather conditions, and personal preferences.

It’s amazing. Headed home after a night out? Now you can adjust the exact climate in your home moments before you arrive. No more waiting for the perfect temperature in your home.

Program it in advance. HVAC, water systems, and exhaust fans can be added to your smart home system, giving the homeowner peace of mind and the ability to troubleshoot from an app.

3. Smart Lights

Smart lights are one of the more popular home efficiency products on the market. Smart lights include light bulbs, light switches, plugs, wall panels, and exterior lighting. Appliances like coffee makers, lamps, and music devices can be controlled from one location as long as they’re using smart plugs.

Smart lighting uses LED bulbs, which use less energy than traditional bulbs. Most families have a bad habit of leaving lights on. Smart lights eliminate the problem with motion sensors that shut off lights when nobody is in the room.

You can also control lighting through a single app that shuts off any lights that were accidentally left on. Smart lights can also be programmed to look like someone is home by turning them on and off at random times.

DIY or Hire a Professional

There are a few things you should know about building your own smart house system. When determining which route to take, be honest with your time, resources, and technical abilities.

Now more than ever the need to make your home more efficient should be a top priority for any homeowner. Smart home devices save you money and time. These modern-day home efficiency tips help you reclaim your time and get ahead of your day, because every minute counts.

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