Maximizing the Benefits of CBD Cartridges Through Proper Dosage


Vaping devices are flooding the modern cannabidiol (CBD) market because of the ease of consumption, no-mess use, pocket-friendliness, and high bioavailability of CBD through inhaling.

Thus, many unsuspecting consumers buy CBD carts to enjoy the whole spectrum of CBD benefits but either get an overdose or don’t feel any CBD effect at all. 

Why does this happen? Let’s clarify the essentials of CBD dosing in a vaping cart to help users enjoy an optimal vaping experience and derive maximum health benefits from CBD vaping. 

What Are CBD Carts? 

A CBD cartridge is a device with a battery and a container where CBD concentrate is placed. The CBD juice, or liquid, inserted into the cartridge is highly volatile, so it’s heating with the help of the internal vaporizer quickly turns the liquid substance into vapor.

This way, the user may quickly get a shot of CBD by clicking one button, waiting for a second for the vaporizer to turn on, and inhaling the smoke just like they would do when smoking a cigarette. 

Dosing of CBD Carte vs. THC Carts 

One more note of caution when choosing the dose: you should be perfectly clear about whether you’re using CBD only or have THC in the content of your vaping juice. Generally, CBD comes in three types: 

  • Full-spectrum. This option suits people well-acquainted with CBD and wishing to enhance their vaping experience. The full-spectrum CBD formula is the richest of all three, containing additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and a bit of THC to create a wholesome health effect and cause the famous “entourage” effect on the user. However, this negligent THC dose may involve a positive drug test. 
  • Broad-spectrum. Those who like the effect of terpenes but don’t want to tolerate the risks connected with THC consumption can opt for the broad-spectrum option. This CBD variant is fully cleared of THC but still contains other non-toxic elements from weed. 
  • Isolate. When using CBD isolate carts, the consumers are exposed only to CBD. It’s a safe variant for newbies and people wishing to have nothing except CBD in their cartridges. However, the content of such CBD juice is poorer than that of broad-spectrum CBD liquids, as the user willingly refuses the rich terpene profile of weed. 

Yet, some brands produce potent THC vaping carts for users who seek cerebral high and face serious medical conditions. Thus, regular CBD users should be extra careful with such cart use, as they may face a couch-locking effect, impaired cognition, and other side effects they didn’t expect from a regular CBD consumption session.

It’s better to double-check all contents on the package before buying a cart to avoid THC if you have to drive or are at work. 

How to Find Your Right Dose? 

The rule of thumb is to pick the individual dose based on the following parameters: 

  • Type and severity of your medical problem;
  • Your individual body metabolism;
  • Body weight;
  • The delivery method for CBD;
  • CBD potency;
  • Experience level with CBD consumption.

These considerations are important, as there is no universal standard for daily CBD dosing, and every consumer must search for the optimal dose independently.

When it comes to CBD vaping, things get even more complicated here. One user may take small shots, while another one takes big, direct lung hits. Not surprisingly, these two people will have a completely different CBD effect from a couple of puffs. 

Calculating the CBD Dose in Your Vaping Cart  

Now let’s do some math to help you understand how much CBD gets to your lungs with every puff and how much CBD your container holds. 

  • Let’s assume your 30ml bottle of CBD juice comes with a total concentration of 1,000mg CBD. That results in a concentration of 33mg per 1 ml.  
  • Once you fill the 1ml container with CBD liquid, you get 33mg of CBD per container. Now it’s time to calculate the number of puffs a container gives. 
  • If the container’s content is enough for 200 puffs, you should divide 33 by 200 and get roughly 0.165mg of CBD per puff. So, if you need 0.5mg CBD to calm down, you need to take four puffs, which will constitute your optimal dose per intake. 

As for the general CBD intake recommendations, experts advise starting with 2mg daily and increasing the dose to 5mg for moderate intake. You shouldn’t exceed the maximum dose of 40mg of CBD per day. Make your CBD vaping calculations using this principle, and you will achieve an optimal dose without overdosing risks. 

Quick Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD carts allowed on planes? 

Yes, they are. Overall, traveling with CBD carts is not much trouble, given that you know the rules and laws of the destination and transit countries or states you’re visiting.

If all of them have legalized CBD, you won’t face any issues with the CBD cart. However, if any destinations have harsh laws against CBD, it’s better to leave your cart at home. Keep in mind that CBD carts are allowed only in carry-on luggage. 

Where can I buy CBD carts? 

It’s pretty easy to find a CBD cart meeting your dosage and budget needs. You may google “CBD vape carts near me” or visit to find the right offer online.

Opt only for certified, reliable brands producing CBD cartridges, as buying some dubious cart can cost you health and safety. 

How long do CBD carts last? 

It’s hard to say, as the market is full of different products with varying duration. Disposable carts’ duration is usually measured by the number of puffs a user can make until the battery expires. Rechargeable carts can serve you longer if you fulfill all storage and maintenance requirements. 

Does CBD carts get you high? 

You won’t get high if you consume CBD only. There are many CBD+THC carts available in modern dispensaries (in most cases, these can be purchased only if you have a prescription for THC).

So, if you have THC in the cart’s liquid, you can get high, but CBD alone doesn’t cause the intoxication typically associated with weed. 

Tia Moskalenko shared this information to inspire safe and responsible CBD vaping use among cannabis enthusiasts. Tia works as a full-time cannabis writer at AskGrowers and highlights safe, rewarding ways of enjoying popular CBD products for maximum health benefits.

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