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MobiCommerce Page Builder Feature: A Lucky Charm for PWA and Native App Technology

A progressive web app, a native mobile app, or a website, no matter what you have, an extra charm will only make it more appealing, and that is none other than – the Page Builder. 

We all know what attracts customers more to a website or mobile app. Compelling content, visually appealing designs, a good user experience, engaging features, and so on. If it is an eCommerce site, then, of course, the rich shopping experience is all that counts. 

To impress customers, developers and development companies around the world are continually experimenting their best to deliver something exceptional. Due to which some interesting plugins or features keep popping up. The addition of which is making the shopping and in turn the customer experience more and more convenient and enjoyable. 

Until now, site owners have to solely rely upon the web developers to launch even a simple sales page for their business or a landing page due to no knowledge of coding. The designers and developers have to work with CSS and HTML to make even the slightest style change on a website that also costs a lot. That’s where Page Builder came along. 

Page Builder? What is that? 

A Magento extension that allows the creation of content-rich pages with custom layouts and visually enhancing features like drag and drop and others that improve quality, customer engagement, and loyalty and reduce the time and expense of producing custom pages without the need for developer support. 

Some of the features of Page Builder that make it more efficient are;

  • Advanced content tools
  • Full-page layouts for CMS pages, products, and categories
  • Real-time editing from stage
  • Drag and drop page design
  • A rich assortment of content types
  • Custom product attribute input types
  • Live previews of how the content will look on the storefront.
  • Form editors for entering and customizing the content.

What can a Page Builder do to your PWA or Native App? 

Implementing a web page builder will help you; 

1. Save time and resources

The time which was consumed by the developers to manufacture a site can be done within a fraction of seconds using Page Builder. Moreover, the time required by you to manage the site content can be incredibly reduced using the in-line editing and reusable dynamic blocks in it.

To add more, you can easily design content updates, have a live preview, and schedule publication all without the need to hire any pricey web development company or web developers. In short, you can build a unique shopping experience that differentiates your brand all by yourself within a less amount of time. 

2. Feast the eyes of customers with fresh and rich content

Content is a charmer for any website or mobile apps. Today’s customers check out a website or native apps wholly right from its appearance, usability, speed to the most important the content. Yes, they like to read content and are impressed even more when they are accompanied by images, videos, or other such attractive features. 

A page builder can do all that you need in your PWA or native app to impress the customers. With the help of it, you can enrich your pages with powerful content types – including images, videos, banners, columns, product galleries, portfolios, and more – and thus, engage and encourage repeat visits from customers by keeping content of your web or mobile app always fresh and up-to-date with an intuitive drag-and-drop content management interface.

Moreover, you can also blend your content and commerce by enriching product detail pages, quickly adding products to content pages, and improving product discovery with custom content on category pages. 

3. To have control over your brand

The best part about having a page builder is that you can control your content pages and decide how to present them without seeking help or involving any frontend developers for it. You can also design pages as you wish using the flexible content layouts that come along with the page builder and then add and position elements with no code required.

4. To customize it as you want

The good news is that you can customize the page builder as you want, such that it’s the design and other features match your brand voice. You can also extend existing content types or create entirely new ones from scratch to meet the content needs of your business.

Why does MobiCommerce serve the best Magento page builder in the market for PWA and Native App technology?

Every product of MobiCommerce is said to perform like a pro in the market. Like its other solutions, the page builder solution of MobiCommerce makes website creation more fun and easy-going, especially for non-developers.

It comes fully-packed with everything required for site-building like design elements, add-ons, and all modern functionalities like device-specific responsive controls, export/import options, padding adjustment, and above all, drag & drops and real-time frontend editing system. 

It is incredibly fast, lightweight, superbly intuitive, and takes remarkably less time than all other similar tools to create a beautiful & functional site. Being built using the latest technologies, the Magento page builder of MobiCommerce works like magic in creating your Magento PWA or React progressive web app and even native mobile apps.

It also comes with a wide range of pre-designed templates that you can customize with your content and launch a complete website in minutes.

In a nutshell

A Magento page builder is something you must go for now if you haven’t yet as it gives the reigns of your website in your own hands and allows you to deck it up and drive it into the direction as you desire. So, quit thinking and reach out to MobiCommerce to create a mind-blowing PWA or native app with you having complete control over everything.

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