NYC Moving App CityMove

The #1 NYC Moving App CityMove is an Amazing Lifehack

Moving can be a daunting task. People consistently rate it as one of the most stressful life events, up there with funerals and weddings. Despite moving help being a huge market nationally, most of the local markets consist of mostly small to medium moving companies which are very difficult to differentiate. Price quotes vary a lot and reviews are hard to trust, so selecting the right moving company for the situation is very difficult.

CityMove is an app that was started in Manhattan in 2003. Since then, we have hit 60,000 moves that were completed by using our unique way of solving the problem of booking a mover.

In 2019, the app was redesigned from the ground up to be faster, more responsive, and easier to navigate, and it is time to re-introduce the idea which currently operates in New York City and Philadelphia.

How does CityMove work?

CityMove is a very simple idea. The user answers questions about their move, and in the process creates a “job post”. Once complete, moving companies receive a notification of a new job available. They review the job post, and based on the information provided, submit their best flat-rate proposal.


Within hours, the user usually receives 5-8 offers, and can then check the quote details from each mover, and their reviews, and select the one they are most comfortable with. After the move is complete, the user can leave a Verified CityMove Review, to help future users make the best decision.

Why Use CityMove?

  1. As movers’ availability changes and they compare their prices vs. competitors on the platform, they tend to bid up to 40% lower on CityMove than they would when contacted directly. 
  2. CityMove Verified Reviews are most trustworthy reviews on the market. Only certified users who moved with the company are able to leave a review, and the review includes details of the move in question.
  3. Your contact information is kept private, and the movers are not able to email, call or text you to solicit bid acceptance. Your only communication with the movers is through the platform.
  4. There is no credit card required, and no obligation to book. You have absolutely nothing to lose by leveraging CityMove to make movers compete for your business

How to get started

Visit, and select the option to post your move. You will be asked a number of questions about your move: your name, locations, list of items to be moved, desired dates, and details about each location.

Once complete, create an account and verify your email address and you will be ready to receive quotes from CityMove. Saving money on moving companies, and finding the most reputable movers in your area has never been easier. You can also find awesome content on their blog New Beginnings

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