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7 Best Translation Apps and Websites for 2020

Best Translation Apps

Every day the need for high-quality translation software is growing. And this is not surprising, because language barriers are not as strong as before.

Someone needs to translate their posts for Instagram, and someone wants to make their website multilingual and bring the business to new markets.

That is why we have decided to prepare a list of the best translation apps and sites for high-quality translation. Some of them are suitable for personal use, and some will be a great solution for your business. Well, let’s get started?

Best Translation Apps and Websites

1) Google Translate

Yes, this is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about translating words, individual phrases, and even whole texts.

This is a great assistant to quickly translate a sentence into other language, this program is already built into all smartphones, and the translation itself takes no more than a few seconds.

However, do not forget that this is still a machine translation. This can help you gain an understanding of the essence of a particular text but still cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy and the stylistic beauty of a translation.

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2) Microsoft Translation Service

This service from Microsoft is somewhat similar to the one from Google, however, it has one specific and very useful function. This is a built-in chat with instant translation of replicas for each participant.

One can correspond with friends from different countries, and the program will make sure that all interlocutors see the contents of the conversation in their chosen languages.

The application is based on neural networks, and at the moment smart algorithms are not yet able to understand the essence and evaluate the whole picture during translation.

3) Babylon Translator

Many experts note that the translation using this software is more accurate than in comparison with other stand-alone programs. In general, if you want to do the high-quality translation of content yourself, then this is a great option!

The Key Features:

  • The ability to translate the text into 77 languages.
  • Translation of documents and legal texts.
  • The presence of dictionaries.

4) Reverso Context

Remember we said that Google translator cannot always translate correctly, taking into account the context? So, if you doubt the correctness of a particular phrase in a foreign language, try Reverso Context. This translation application does not interpret each word separately, but translates the entire phrase in full, keeping its meaning.

To do this, the application uses ready-made translations, made not by machines, but by humans. Therefore, if you know for sure that a certain phrase cannot be translated, but has its own individual analog, feel free to use this software.

5) Wordlingo

This is another translation program, and it has quite positive reviews. In general, its functionality is quite basic, and this will be enough for a person who begins to learn a language.

A distinctive feature of the program is that with the help of this service you can translate texts of a certain subject, and there is also a function for entering special characters that are characteristic of each language. The translator can also be used for translating emails.

6) iTranslate

iTranslate is specifically created for the iOS operating system. This application supports the speech recognition function; however, it is possible to access all the functions only after paying for the subscription.

But some functions are available even offline, and in addition, this application can help not only deal with translation but also with learning a foreign language.

7) The WordPoint

The WordPoint offers many translation services and has gathered many experts on its team. It’s possible to ask help with the translation of any text or site on 100 languages.

You can even order the editing of your texts, translate documents, books, letters, and content of any complexity. What is more, we can safely say that the company offers a full range of services in the field of translation. The quality of each service always remains at its best.

The Key Features:

  • Full range of services in this area.
  • Ability to make any text in 100 languages.
  • The ability to localize the site.
  • Proofreading and editing of texts as a separate service.
  • Positive feedback from many users.


Today we have provided the top 7 services that can help you make any translation process easy and get great results, for which you will not be ashamed. As you can see, many of them are suitable for both business and personal purposes. And finally, we want to recall that the list of services was compiled based on positive feedback from users.

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