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11 Best WIFI Texting Apps for Android

For any human being, communication is fundamental. We can’t even spend a day without communicating. We love to tell our loved ones all about what’s happening in our lives, even if it is the slightest detail. Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone, even baby boomers; it’s not a secret.

So, now it’s pretty easy to communicate and catch up with our loved ones. Although our phone has an in-built texting app, we do not always want to use it. It isn’t exciting because not all smartphones support emojis.

Nowadays, wireless internet is available everywhere, even if our phone has no network, we can make use of WIFI to communicate. This is what a WIFI texting app does, and it uses WIFI to receive and send messages.

Endless WIFI texting apps are available in the app market for android devices. We know that searching for such a good app is a pain in the rear end. But, do not worry, we are here for you. To lessen your burden, we are here with a list of the 11 Best WIFI Texting Apps for Android.

Best WIFI Texting Apps for Android

1. WhatsApp Messenger

At the first, we have WhatsApp Messenger. We don’t think that this app needs any introduction. This free messaging app is popular worldwide and is the leader of communication apps.

WhatsApp Messenger is quite versatile and has a lot of features. It is one of the most accessible ways to text over WIFI. In WhatsApp Messenger, you can chat with up to 256 people at once.

The user interface is quite easy and has an automatic end-to-end encryption system. Also, WhatsApp Messenger has the feature of a blocklist. A user can customize the wallpaper, set custom alerts, etc. What makes WhatsApp the best is that it is free and can be accessed by any android user.

2. Telegram

The second app on our list is quite a popular app loved by millions of people, Telegram, one of the fastest texting apps that work over the internet and WIFI. Telegram is free to download on android devices and has an open API.

Although Telegram is not end-to-end encrypted, a user can use the secret chat room feature to send secret chats that self-destruct after some time. Security is the heart of this app.

Telegram is very safe, and you won’t lose your personal data because this app doesn’t cooperate with the government and doesn’t sell your data to any 3rd parties, unlike other texting apps.

3. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger allows its users to instantly communicate with loved ones over WIFI and the internet. Signal Private Messenger is an excellent option for people who love to chat.

The advanced user interface is solely focused on protecting the messages. There’s no sticker, no games, no integration, but just strong encryption. The encryption of the messages is done via an advanced tool.

Of course, both individuals must be a user of this app for encrypted communication. Along with encryption, the Signal Private Messenger app also offers disappearing messages features and a lock of screenshots.

Without any additional payment and just WIFI or internet, you can use Signal Private Messenger to communicate for free in real-time. 

4. Kakao Talk

The fourth app on our list is KakaoTalk, a fun and free WIFI texting app for android devices that connect people worldwide. KakaoTalk is also known as KaTalk. This WIFI texting app has basic features like other apps; also, it has some new fun and cool extra features.

What sets KakaoTalk apart from other apps is its polling and scheduling features. This app is available in 15 languages.

KakaoTalk allows to create a group of an unlimited number of people for communication and has more than one hundred fifty million existing users. KakaoTalk is fast, simple, fun, reliable, and the entire messaging history is stored on Google servers.

5. Line

The fifth app on our list is Line, a quite famous messaging app that has changed the idea of communication. The Line is one of the most popular texting apps that work over the internet or WIFI. It is so popular that it needs no introduction.

Every 90s kid has used this app at least once in their teenage years. In addition to standard chatting, the exclusive chat rooms of the Line app allow a user to send video messages and do video calls.

You can add emoticons for free with the text messages, and a user needs to buy the stickers to use them. One exciting feature of the Line app is that you can just shake your phone next to a person and add them to your contact.

6. Text Free SMS

The sixth app on our list is Text Free, a quite popular and original WIFI texting app. Text Free was formerly known as Pinger. This is the first free texting app in the app store. Even if the receiver doesn’t have the app, the sender can send them real MMS via Text Free.

Text Free allows users to make free WIFI calls and texts without a carrier plan. After installing the application, you get your own real customized US number. Also, this phone number is a permanent one.

The app supports multiple languages, and the UI is pretty easy to handle. However, there are ads that a user can remove through in-app purchases.

7. Mood Messenger

The seventh app on our list of best WIFI texting apps is Mood Messenger, one of the best SMS messaging apps for android. With this app, the texting experience is enhanced. The unique feature of Mood Messenger is that you can send a short message with a mood.

A user just needs to type a message, and a corresponding face will appear on the keyboard. This feature is called SMARTemoji. There are two windows in this app, and you can easily navigate between these two apps.

Mood Messenger lives up to its name and has all the features to lighten up a user’s mood. The color and the shapes of the messages, fonts style, shape, wallpaper, background, etc., can be customized easily.

8. Text Me

Moving forward, next on the list is Text Me, a texting app that can easily be downloaded from the app store by android users. You get provided a phone number by the app, and you can make use of that phone number to send and receive text messages via WIFI.

You can send messages to people from over 40 countries, including America and Canada. You can text anyone in the world, even if they are not Text Me users. With the paid version, you can call anywhere in the world. But in the free version, texting is only valid within the US and Canada.

9. Textra SMS

Next in the list of best WIFI texting apps for android, we have Textra SMS, a pretty popular texting app. Textra SMS is the replacement of the stock SMS app of a phone. It is very convenient to send SMS over WIFI and the internet using this app.

The user interface is very convenient and intuitive. The interface of the Textra SMS app has a dark background and concise font. Textra SMS has a blocklist feature where you can block unwanted numbers.

The app works with two SIMs and also supports gestures. Textra SMS recognizes all the latest Unicodes and supports emoticons and stickers. It has over 180 preset themes, and a user can customize the theme of their desire.

10. Text Now

The next app on the list is TextNow, a unique app with all the qualities to be a modern communication app. With TextNow, you don’t need the traditional wireless data plan. When you sign up in the app, every user is given an individual caller id.

However, one needs to have some activity every month in order to retain the same number. As a password protects all the messages, no one else can view your messages.

The UI of TextNow is relatively cleaner than other apps on this list. A user can use this app to send actual messages. Also, the app has a massive collection of emoticons and stickers. However, free texts are only limited to the US and Canada.

11. Text+

Text+ app gives you a wide variety of communication on an absolutely free basis without the need for any carrier plan.

With Text+, you can communicate worldwide, with no services required. The app uses your phone’s wifi to send texts. Also, the best part about Text+ is that you get unlimited free texting.

The UI of this app is pretty clean. A user can do all these WIFI texting from an actual US phone number. However, the app works on a credit system. One can earn credits by watching ads. Also, if you don’t want to watch the ads, you need the in-app purchases.


Above mentioned are some of the best WIFI texting apps for android. Already the traditional way of talking is replaced by texting, and now, people are more inclined towards WIFI texting apps.

Now that you know what’s right for you, right away install the texting app and enjoy texting with your loved ones. We hope you found this article fun and helpful. If you feel we missed mentioning any WIFI texting app, feel free to comment.

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