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15 Best Free Audio Sound Equalizer For Windows

Have you ever carefully listened to the music in the movies? Or the sound when the characters speak in the movies? It is so clear, without any background noise, and it gives the audience a better chance to connect with the characters more vividly.

So, if you are uploading a video on the internet, you need to achieve that level of perfection with your audio too. But do you know, most people have no idea which software to use when it comes to formatting audio files. 

There are many ways to edit audio files and one of them is by getting a balance between the audio frequencies in the audio feed is by using the audio equalization technique.

In the 90’s, the movies achieved equalizing using a bulky device called the Equilizer. But now, there are many user-friendly software that achieve the same results with minimal efforts in a flash!

Free Audio Sound Equalizer For Windows

Do you want to know the top 15 Sound Equalizer software for windows in the market? Let’s dive into the comprehensive list of all the software that we have compiled for you!

1. Adobe Audition

Of course, we could start the list with Adobe Audition – the best and most comprehensive tool in this category. It requires you to give minimal effort but the outcome will be amazing! It can be used to listen to a wide range of audio frequencies.

2. Voice AutoEQ

The second name on our list of the best-ever audio sound equilizers is Voice AutoEQ. This simple tool allows you to amp up the speed with which you can process the audio files while recording sound. It’s background noise remover feature has immense usefulness, too.

3. Equalizer APO

This software has garnered widespread attention for being an open-source, free tool, that answers all your audio-related queries. It offers innumerable customisation options and is pretty easy to use.

Although it is a free software, the developers have worked hard to remove all the glitches that freeware often tends to have about them.

4. Viper4Windows

This is the fourth entry on our list ofthe best audio-sound equilizer tools in the market right now. Viper4Windows is a free to use, and is an excellent equalizer for Windows 10 PCs.

If you don’t have Windows 10, don’t worry–it is compatible with other versions of the operating system too. The tool comes loaded to the brim with a number of useful features like equalizer, convolver, surround, compressor, and a few more.

5. EarTrumpet

You can download the all-new free version of this amazing software called EarTrumpet from the Windows store. It’s claim to fame is that it can switch between different playing apps seamlessly.

6. Boom3D

If you have been in the audio and sound business for long, you would have definitely heard of people using Boom3D for processing the audio files.

Users find this go-to audio processing app to be easy to use and quite efficient when it comes to performance scale. It is programmed as an equalizer tool and it works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. 

7. FXSound

The FXSound software has a lot to offer to you if you are looking to switch up your audio processing software. It actually boosts the quality of sound coming into the PC.

If you cannot afford a huge boombox or a speaker at the moment, you can try FXSound. It will amp up the volume of the sound at only a tenth of the price of a top-quality headphone or speaker. It works on the Windows 10 OS.

8. Graphic Equalizer Studio

Graphic Equalizer Studio is a great option for all the Windows 10 OS users. What’s more is that it is absolutely free to use! Users often applaud it for its smooth ability to work with WAV files. It works in real-time to provide some of the best quality of enhanced sounds.

9. RealTime Equalizer

Trust us on this–you will not come across a better sound enhancing and processing software than RealTime Equilizer.

It has made it so simple to adjust the sound quality of any audio file according to your choice! And what’s more is that it finishes the processing in the blink of an eye. It works on the Windows Operating System.

10. Realtek HD Audio Manager

Realtek is a known name in the world of Windows OS. It helps in smooth processing of the audio files and is currently compatible with the Windows 10 OS.

It is an open-source software and can process almost all the popular audio file formats. In fact, we would say it is more than just an equalizer software–it can be synced to the computer with the driver files.

11. EqualizerPro

EquilizerPro is a great tool for all the sound professionals because it comes with above 20 amazing presets. But can you believe–it is absolutely free to use on the Windows Operating System?

An easy switch on/ switch off mode and the option to boost low tones makes EquilizerPro stand out amongst all the other softwares of its kind. 

12. Bongiovi DPS

The twelfth name on our list of the best 15 audio processors and equilizers is the Bongiovi DPS. It is a Windows 10 equalizer and you can get its free version on the internet.

It offers an incredible bass range that the other softwares of its type find really hard to beat. The features offer smooth sound processing experience for the users.

13. Voicemeeter Banana

Again, another great software that professionals have been using for a long time is the Voicemeeter Banana. It offers the user a lot of efficiency and amazing speed of sound processing.

Its easy-to-use controls and all the comprehensive audio features make it a one-of-a-kind audio equalizer for the Windows OS. 

14. Graphic Equalizer Studio

The Graphic Equalizer Studio is free to use and offers a variety of features that will surely have the answer to all your woes regarding audio processing. It offers the best choice that is suited for a live performance.

This application can give you a near-accurate digital setting that would send most paid and premium products running for their money.

15. WavePad Audio

This audio enhancer works on the Windows 10 Operating System. It is an equalizer with a dozen simple and easy-to-use features for every possible problem regarding audio processing. It is mostly used by professionals for mono-phonic voice recordings. 


Audio equilizing and processing is a must for any audio files that you use for your videos, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube uploads, etc.

All the softwares that we have listed here are very easily downloadable from various sources and they offer a great number of important features too. Many of these softwares are, in fact, absolutely free to use!

Thus, we come to the end of the list of the best-in-class sound Equalizers For Windows that you must try. We would really hope it helped you decide which tool is the best for you.

If it helped you, make sure to share this list with your friends. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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