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11 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

When working on your Instagram outreach strategy, you must use different hashtags on Instagram posts to get more likes and followers. You can take any word and turn them into a hashtag on Instagram. 

When someone clicks on these hashtags, they’ll be taken to Instagram’s discover feed, showing all the public content that’s attached to that hashtag. People also search for hashtags that they’re interested in to find other similar and relevant content. 

While hashtags are one of the best ways to boost engagement and gain followers, you will always need to know the best instagram hashtags to use in your Instagram strategy to maximize growth.

Once you have an idea of your target audience and perform your competitor research, you can use the Instagram hashtag tools to find the best Instagram hashtags for likes and followers. 

In this article we will discuss the 11 best instagram hashtag generator tools.

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

1. Seekmetrics

Seekmetrics is an analytics tool that helps with competitive analyses by providing comparative metrics between you and your target competition. 

While Seekmetrics offers more utility than just Instagram hashtags (you can use it for keyword ideation with SEO), its Instagram hashtag generator tool uses the Instagram API to bundle together a list of similar hashtags using the sample hashtags you enter into the program. 


2. HashtagsForLikes

HashtagsForLikes is another great tool that allows you to use trending hashtags. Some features that HashtagForLikes offers are hashtag difficulty (how hard it is to appear for a given hashtag), how many times that hashtag has been used, number of likes/reach you can expect for that hashtag, and more. 


3. InstagramTags

InstagramTags offers 50+ categories that house the top hashtags that fall within that category. It doesn’t offer a lot of freedom, because of its preset categories, but it can come in handy if you’re in a time crunch. 


4. All Hashtag

All hashtag is my personal favorite. This hashtag generator allows you to find thousands of top suggestions based on the sample hashtag you enter into the generator. It offers three filter options – top, random, and live – that you can select to change the type of hashtags that are being curated. 


5. CaptionPlus

This tool offers 10000+ captions that you can use for your social posts. What’s unique is that they’re written by a dedicated team of writers, as well as powered by Artificial Intelligence to recommend the best captions and hashtags for your instagram posts.


6. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is another favorite of mine, showing the overall and recent popularity of specific hashtags being used on Instagram. It will also show related terms that other users are including in their posts, and allow you to monitor hashtag popularity to gauge if you need to switch any current hashtags out for better-performing ones. 


7. TagBlender

Tagblender has developed a unique method of getting the most relevant tags for your Instagram images using three different categories that match your image. It will generate a set of hashtags for things like “People”, “Food”, “Sports” that you can use in your posts. 


8. Keyhole

Keyhole is considered to be one of the best keyword research tools on the market, extending its offering to hashtag metrics and social campaign measurement in real-time. This tool helps save time by automating analytics to see the most impactful hashtags your brand should be using. 


9. Later

Later’s saved captions function lets you apply captions and hashtags to new posts, creating a list of multiple hashtags that you can copy straight into Instagram. 


10. Ritetag 

Ritetag hashtag tool will suggest hashtags based on your entered text or images. You can also link Ritetag’s API into social media management tools like Buffer or Later to get suggestions while you’re creating posts within them. 


11. ThePreviewApp

ThePreviewApp allows you to save groups of hashtags, apply them to your content, and export posts straight into Instagram. It also tests your hashtags and reports which ones are driving the greatest results. 


These are some of the best and most popular Instagram hashtag generator tools. Let us know your favourite Instagram hashtag tool in the comment section.

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