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11 Best Instagram Reels Downloaders

Instagram is one of the most popular apps on social media. With its unique features and popularity among the youngsters, it has already created its credibility on the internet.

We cannot deny the fact that the most important factor for its enormous popularity is the reels. The short videos or reels are so appealing and attractive that it’s really difficult to say no to them. The creators and Instagram users love creating and watching these reels because it’s entertaining and engaging.

However, currently, Instagram does not have any feature to save the reels. There is no official statement by Instagram whether they are planning to add this feature of saving Instagram reels in near future for offline viewing.

They certainly have their own reasons for doing that, but you need not have to worry as we have come up with the best Instagram reels downloaders which allow you to save the reels and videos to watch offline. Keep reading to get the entire information on the same.

Best Instagram Reels Downloaders

1. iGram

iGram is one of the best tool to download Instagram reels. Apart from reels, you can also download Posts, IGTV videos and so on. It has a very simple interface and allows you to download Instagram reels easily.

The best part about this tool is you can download the content anonymously. You just need to copy the URL of the Instagram content and paste it in the link field and then click the download button.

The tool will then display the content thumbnail. After that, you can click on the download.mp4 button to save the content in MP4 video format.


  • Free to use the tool
  • Instagram content can be downloaded anonymously

2. Snapinsta

Snapinsta is also one of the best tool to download Instagram reels. If you want easy and fast downloads of the Instagram reels this tool is the best for you. It is a safe and secure tool and can be used on various devices.

It allows photo as well as video downloads. You just need to copy the URL of the video or photo you wish to download and paste it in the text box available on the Snapinsta. After that, your photo or video will be saved to your device.


  • Unlimited downloads of Instagram reels
  • Free to use the tool
  • Fast and easy downloads

3. Instadownloader

Instadownloader is another tool that can download Instagram reels and other content. It is free to use and the interface is very simple and smooth. It can be used on all mobile and computer devices.

You can download multiple reels or videos on this platform by just copying and pasting the URL in the tool.

The drawback of this tool is it is time-consuming as you cannot download multiple videos at once and also you cannot access videos from a private profile. You can use this tool if you want to download a few Instagram reels or posts.


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Fast and easy to use

4. DownloadGram

As the name suggests DownloadGram is used to download Instagram reels, videos, IGTV videos and other content. The download process is very simple and doesn’t require a great effort.

When you open the interface of the DownloadGram, you can see the link field wherein you just need to paste the URL of the content you wish to download.

There is no need for any registration for this process and it is completely free. The clean and smooth interface makes it easy for the user to just go and download the content without any restrictions of ads etc.


  • There are no ads and restrictions for the downloads
  • Free and easy to use
  • Unlimited downloads

5. VideoHunter

VideoHunter is one of the most popular tools for downloading Instagram reels. It provides very high-quality videos or reels and also provides amazing video playback. It offers fast speed due to which it is preferred by many.

It facilitates the download of many videos or audios from more than 1000 sites which include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter and so on. The download process is very convenient as you have to just copy and paste the URL.


  • High-quality downloads including 1080p,4K and 8K
  • Very fast download speed
  • Available on MAC and Windows and can download videos from 1000+ sites

6. Instaoffline

Instaoffline is another great tool to download Instagram reels, IGTV or private videos etc. It consists of many extra tools like video downloader, carousel downloader, private downloader etc. You just need to copy the URL and paste it into the link field.

You will be able to preview the content before downloading it. Then you can save it easily on your device. The process is simple and you can download multiple videos without any restriction using this tool. Overall, it is an amazing tool to download Instagram reels with ease.


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Safe and easy to use this tool
  • Works on all devices such as PC, mobiles etc.

7. Instadp

Instadp can be used to download Instagram reels without a lot of effort. You can also search for the people using this tool to download their pictures, reels, stories or posts. Different content on Instagram can be downloaded conveniently using Instadp.

You can just go to the post or reel you wish to download, copy its URL and paste it in the Instadp link field. After it displays the video, you can then click the download button to further download and save it. It loads the content quickly and provides fast downloads.


  • Free to use the tool
  • Easy search for Instagram users by username

8. InSaver for Instagram

InSaver for Instagram allows you to save the Instagram content on your device or manage it in the InSaver library. Any content such as posts, videos, reels can be downloaded easily on this tool and can be viewed offline.

The process is simple, you need to open the InSaver tool and click on the Instagram icon. Then you can choose the Instagram reel you wish to download and copy the link.

After the reel is previewed in the app you can save it on your device. Overall, it is a very good tool for Instagram reels downloads.


  • Safe and secure tool
  • Fast downloads

9. Eros Story Saver for Instagram

Eros Story Saver for Instagram consists of a user-friendly interface. It facilitates unlimited downloads of the Instagram reels and also manages them in the in-built library.

You need to go to the Story Saver and tap on the Instagram icon to open the app. Then you can copy the URL of the content you wish to download and paste it in the link in the link field of the Story Saver.

After that, click download to save it on your device. The saved content can be easily reposted on Instagram and other platforms.


  • Free to use the tool
  • Quick and safe to use

10. SocialDown

If you want to download unlimited Instagram reels without any restrictions then you can make use of the SocialDown tool. This tool helps you to download multiple videos or reels on any device such as a computer or mobile.

You just need to copy and paste the URL in the link text box and download it. The only drawback of this tool is that the interface is not so good and hence it gets difficult to search for the link text box. Apart from that, the tool does offer you the content in its original quality.


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Simple and easy to use

11. Instasave

The last one on the list is Instasave. This tool is great to download Instagram reels, videos, IGTV videos or photos. You have to copy and paste the URL to download the Instagram content using this tool.

After the download of the reels or videos, the content will be saved on your device in the MP4 video format. The download process is very simple and convenient. The reels can be downloaded without logging in the Instagram.


  • Simple interface
  • Easy and fast downloads

The above mentioned are some of the best Instagram Reels Downloaders available online. Makesure to checkout these apps and websites to download Instagram Reels. Let us know if we missed any other popular Instagram Reel in the comment section.

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