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11 Best Android Root Software

What if we tell you your smartphone is being under utilised for its functionality? As humans, we all love to have control over everything. And rooting your android phone is such a process that gives you the administrative privilege of your phone; this means you are in control of your phone.

There are many reasons why people love to root their phone, remove any bloatware, overclock or downclock CPU frequencies, install new firmware, etc. However, be aware that rooting a phone is not free of risk. Also, always backup your phone before rooting it.

There are many rooting software available in the market, and this is why picking one software to root a phone without causing any damage to the phone is quite tricky. We all have been there, and we know that feeling.

Therefore, to save you from all the loss and effort, we did our homework, and here, we are with a compiled and comprehensive list of 11 Best Android Root Software.

Best Android Root Software

1. Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager, the first rooting software on our list, helps root android phones for free. It is open-source and allows the systemless Root of the phone. This software is deemed more convenient because it hides the rooting status, and a phone continues to receive updates.

You don’t need an APK editor or a shell to root your phone. Also, a pretty commendable aspect of Magisk Manager is that this software roots the android phone without changing the core code.

This means your android phone becomes compatible with all the applications that depend on your phone’s SafetyNet feature. Magisk is relatively easy to use and won’t hamper your phone’s performance. Instead, it will enhance the working of your android device.

2. Root Master

If you are a novice to the world of rooting, then the next app on our list, Root Master, is the pick for you. Sometimes, some default apps in our phone are unwanted and block our phone’s memory, and Root Master removes all those apps and clears the space.

Root Master works on most of the android OEM brands. It has strong optimised algorithms that aid in the faster performance of the phone. We feel Root Master is remarkable because to use it. You don’t need a PC or other accessories.

3. Dr.fone

The next software on our list, Dr.fone, too, has a one-click rooting feature and readily roots all android devices. This software is free, and you don’t need to spend a dime on it. Dr. fone is rightly considered an all-around rooting software.

It supports many functions such as recovering deleted files, saving backup data, restoring it on another device, lock screen removal, screen recording, data management, etc. People wanting an all-around rooting software should definitely check this one out as it is absolutely free to download.

4. SuperSU

Generally, to root an android device, a PC is required. But, SuperSU works well without a computer. SuperSU is completely systemless as it does not modify any existing file. Also, you can undo any change, and it won’t affect any modification that you’ve done in the past.

This software is compatible with all android versions, from old to new. There exists a flashing interface of SuperSU which means it swipes across when prompted. Also, do not forget that SuperSU is open source and free. 

5. Root Booster

Next, we have Root Booster, free rooting software for android devices. It improves the performance, stability, and battery life of the android device. Root Booster can root a wide range of android devices.

Root Booster maximises their CPU and makes their android devices operate smoothly and much faster for people with slow CPU speed. Don’t forget that Root Master automatically backs up all the data while rooting the phone. All these features make Root Booster definitely worth a shot!

6. One-Click Root

As its name suggests, One-Click Root software is a rooting software that does the job of rooting your android phone in just one click. You just need to install the software and click on the rooting option. The software does the rest work.

A unique feature of this software is that it provides remote rooting privilege. In this feature, a device is rooted by the software’s team of experts via Teamviewer.

One-Click Root makes your rooting experience easier by linking tips to external websites. For people new to the world of rooting, this software is straightforward to use. However, it is paid and not free software.

7. Kingo Root

In our list of best rooting software, Kingo Root holds quite a reputation. Kingo Root saves your time and effort and helps you root your android phone with a few simple steps and less time.

Kingo Root is considered ideal rooting software because it has a wide variety of features such as rebooting into different modes, downloading, recovering, installing image files, etc., which are present only in this software.

Kingo Root has a one-click root system, and also it provides an unrooting feature. Also, do you know that Kingo Root is free?

8. Framaroot

Moving on, here comes Framaroot, one of the most popular rooting software. Not just rooting, Framaroot also offers unrooting functions. This software is light-weighted and provides a remote rooting feature.

Framaroot is the only rooting software that can root ICS android devices. The software provides a wide variety of rooting exploits, and you can choose your required exploit from the list.

The type of exploits depends on the device type, processor type, device technology, etc. Just by a single tap, you can root your android device with Framaroot. However, using it is a bit technical.

9. SRS Root

SRS Root is also a one-click rooting software and has gained a lot of positive feedback from all corners of the world. It is one of the most simple rooting software available in the market. The rooting process hardly takes more than five minutes and saves a lot of time.

SRS Root works via an SRS server that allows safe rooting of the device without any flashing. It has many advanced features. It also provides convenient unrooting features.

This software has an exclusive feature in that it helps you determine the best way to root your android device. SRS Root is an excellent software for people who want to root their phone and optimise their device’s performance.

10. King Root

It should not be confused with Kingo Root, a previously mentioned rooting software. Although both these rooting software sounds similar, they are quite different.

King Root is free rooting software and has a one-click rooting feature, and we can say that this is the ideal rooting software for lazy lads who just want to root their phone without going through the pain of flashing third-party recovery.

This rooting software works on a wide variety of android devices and MTK powered devices. Also, King Root software comes with an easy unrooting feature. To undo the rooting process, a user just has to click on the unroot option.

11. iRoot

As they say, save the best for the last, here we have the best rooting app on the last of our list. Last on the list. We have iRoot, a free Rooting Software. This software can root any android version.

It was previously known as vRoot and later renamed as iRoot. However, iRoot does not provide any unrooting feature. Be worry less, as, with iRoot, you won’t lose your original setup.

This software doesn’t need any extra permission except rooting permission, and you are all done. Although one may initially feel that using it is complicated, it will become easy with use and several tutorials.


So, here is the end of our list of best rooting software for android devices. We hope this was helpful. Most of these apps are free, so what’s the wait for? Go and download any of this software if you are in dire need of rooting software.

If you have any queries regarding this software, please drop a comment below in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Do not forget to tell us about your rooting experience in the comment box. Also, we would love to know what’s your favourite rooting software.

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