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9 Best Screen Mirroring Apps on Android

We should never settle for less; this is something we all have heard since our childhood. We all love the small screen of our phones. But, did you know that you can view your phone’s content on big screens such as TV, laptop, PC, etc.

So, why settle for less when you can get more? There’s technology for everything, even to mirror your mobile screen on a big screen too. How? The answer is via a screen mirroring app.

A screen mirroring app is quite simple and reflects its name. A screen mirroring app is the perfect solution to mirror the small screen of a smartphone on a big screen so that every time you need a big screen, you don’t have to set up a projector.

Now, you must ask, what’s the need for screen mirroring? Well, there are many reasons; some use it for technical reasons, some use it to view their gallery on a big screen, some use it for streaming, some use it for presentations.

There are a bunch of ways to mirror your mobile screen. Many screens mirroring apps are readily available and can be downloaded for free. Are you looking for a screen mirroring app? If yes, let’s get started with the 9 Best Screen Mirroring Apps on Android.

Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Google has a solution for everything, and the very first app on our list is none other than Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop is one of Google’s most dead-simple and popular screen mirroring apps.

It is free to download with no in-app purchases, fast, simple and built on Google’s secure infrastructure connection. Chrome Remote Desktop promises a lot and delivers too; it is more than just a screen mirroring app.

With Chrome Remote Desktop, users can use their desktop to access their phone remotely. However, to do this, a PIN is needed to authenticate both devices. This makes it safe so someone else can’t peek into your system if they don’t know your PIN.


2. Mirroring 360

Moving forward, now second on the list, we have Mirroring 360, a two-in-one app, screen mirroring app and screen sharing app. With Mirroring 360, you get an option to mirror your screen and record the mirroring wirelessly.

This app prides itself on its impeccable display quality; it doesn’t affect the display quality due to the mirroring process or the screen size. It’s straightforward to use. Mirroring 360 also connects to the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick with the receiver software.

Although the basic version of this app is free, the Pro version is paid and comes with extra features. In this pro version of Mirroring 360, you can connect your android device with 40 other devices.


3. AirServer Connect

Next on the list, we have another free screen mirroring app, AirServer Connect. The inbuilt Cast helps to display in better quality. The display quality is commendable. AirServer Connect helps mirror your android device to the PC wirelessly.

One can mirror apps, games, and photos via the AirServer Connect app. Also, this app has an in-built QR code scanner that the users can use to connect and sync the apps on restricted networks.

The advanced technology eases the process of screen mirroring. AirServer Connect is mainly used for professional purposes by teachers or companies for presentation due to its outstanding picture quality.


4. Mirror Go

Moving on, next, we have Mirror Go, a free and powerful screen mirroring app for AndroidAndroid. With Mirror Go, you can mirror your AndroidAndroid to PC and transfer files and control your smartphone.

All these transfers are done wirelessly, without any USB cable. Its UI is simple and fast, so no problem of lagging is faced by users. A user can also use the internet while mirroring.

You can even mirror two browsers with the Mirror Go app. A user can also record the mirroring on the PC and save it. If you are looking for an app with advanced and premium features, then Mirror Go is an excellent choice.


5. Any Desk

Next, the fifth app on our list is Any Desk, a remote screen mirroring app for AndroidAndroid. Any Desk is quite different from traditional screen mirroring apps. It is a screen mirroring and sharing app.

With the Any Desk app, you can remotely connect to multiple systems. It mirrors the screen securely and seamlessly as a unique code is sent to both the devices, and the user needs to confirm it.

Any Desk has a lot of functions to offer, such as file transfer, low latency, high frame rates, remote printing, etc. Any Desk is secure, reliable, lightweight, fast and easy to use. This makes this app inarguably one of the top screen mirroring apps.


6. ApowerMirror

The next app on the list is ApowerMirror, a high-quality screen mirroring and streaming app for AndroidAndroid. Using a mouse and a PC keyboard, you can remotely control an android phone.

Want to know an interesting fact about this app? You can mirror your AndroidAndroid to the PC with audio in this app. With the audio, you are going to get an ultimate screen mirroring experience.

However, the mirroring process of ApowerMirror is not wireless and requires a USB or Wi-Fi. While mirroring, you can do several things such as open a browser, record a screen, take a screenshot, send a message, stream live, use the camera to view yourself on the big screen of the desktop.


7. Second Screen

If you are looking for something easy and straightforward, the Second Screen app should be your stop. This is one of the most simple screen mirroring apps for android devices. The Second Screen app has a super easy interface.

This lightweight app is compatible with all android versions. It connects android devices to external displays. The Second Screen app provides you with an option to adjust the screen resolution to fit into the bigger screen, and even you can turn off the device’s backlight.

It automatically enables Daydreams. The Second Screen app automatically loads a profile when a display is connected. Also, you can integrate this app with your existing screen mirroring software for a better and improved experience.


8. Lets View

Moving forward, now in the list of best screen mirroring apps for AndroidAndroid, we have Lets View, a free and wireless screen mirroring app. It is one of the most popular screen mirroring apps because of its user-friendly UI.

This app is free to use and comes with an intuitive interface. There are three ways to connect and mirror android devices to a PC: QR Code, PIN, or Wi-Fi. It supports streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, etc.

This app supports multiple mirroring protocols such as MirCast, AirPlay, etc. and can stream with audio. The Lets View app allows a user to control a device remotely. A user can display even a phone camera on the big screen.


9. Castto

Last on the list is Castto, a handy screen mirroring app. The secure connection of Castto helps you protect your files, data, and application. You can stream photos, music, and movies on the big screen using Castto.

You can have uninterrupted gaming sessions. This app is straightforward; a user just needs to start it and connect the TV with the mobile; the app will do the rest of the work.

However, to stay connected, the user needs a Wi-Fi connection. There are only a few screens mirroring apps that can beat streaming quality. It’s free and easy to use; don’t these features make this app try-worthy?



Now that we are done with the list of best screen mirroring apps on AndroidAndroid, it’s time to wrap up. These apps have some standard features; they are user-friendly and instantly connect.

All the apps we have listed above are readily available on the play store, and most of them are free to download. So, what are you waiting for? Rush and download it!

You can effortlessly mirror your android screen onto a big screen using any of these apps. Just be clear about your needs, and you can surely get what you need.

We hope this article helped you in selecting the best screen mirroring app for your android device. We would be happy to clarify your doubts if you have any. Don’t forget to comment your favourite screen mirroring app in the comment section.

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