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5 Reasons to Quit Social Media While Studying in College

What social media in the modern world? It is a part of life. If you are not there, you miss a lot of things people talk, enjoy and make jokes.

It has both sides: positive and negative, and the decision to quit it should be reasonable first of all. Someone can say that it is easy – just quit and that all, nothing to talk about but in fact, it is really hard.

Some events are presented only in social media. There is a place where you can find friends, news, important updates, and even professional essay help provided by professional services. However, we strongly believe that quitting social media while studying is not a bad idea.

Below mentioned are the reasons why one need to Quit Social Media While Studying in College.

Why Quit Social Media While Studying in College

1) Social media steel a lot of free time

Try to count how many you spend online following someone. There are even softwares that can count the time we spend using social media applications.

If you check their results, you will be shocked by how many times a day you lose. Time for sport, reading, studying melts like ice and you even don’t feel it.

Try to count and then imagine how many pages of a book you can read or how many pages of an essay you can write instead of reading this waterfall of unimportant information.

2) Updates interrupt you all the time

Every update has a notification, so even if you decide to study the sound or the vibration of every post or photo will interrupt you and catch your attention.

It is very stressful for the mind, and the quality of the memory falls easy. If you turn off all notifications you mind will still wait for them, and from time to time, you will check your updates anyway, so the only decision that is useful is to quit social media and enjoy.

3) Media life of other people makes self-esteem lower

Majority of people show only happy and luxury parts of their life. As clever people, we understand that they also have problems, fights with relatives and unpleasant situations, but following for months shows us absolutely another picture.

In this case, our self-esteem follows because we try our best, but the result is not even close to a person who travels, a smile goes to the gym and follows all modern trends. Help your mind and leave social media.

4) Online chats replaces live communication

Reading news and updates, you feel that you communicate with the person, but it is wrong. Nothing can replace emotions and first reactions to your actions and words.

When you chat with someone, you speak with a character but not with a real person. If it is about ordering pizza, it doesn’t matter, but it is about relations, it can be a disaster.

5) People rate your profile not you

It is a great trap of modern reality. If you want to find out some information about a person, check his profile in social media. Employers do it all the time.

The problem is that they can make a decision you didn’t even mean writing a post or showing a photo, but you are not able to explain it because you don’t even know that someone concluded.

That is how it works nowadays. We can’t forget it or ignore it. Social media influence a lot, but quit them is the best way to devote your time and ming to studying and get a better score at any subjects.

College is a time of freedom and best resources in the whole life, so use them carefully and spend time with real friends, books, and great impressions or nature and the whole world

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