Reasons Why Parents Should Use Parental Control

Cybercrimes today have reached new heights. The internet has become a place where you have to be extra careful. Given the state of the internet, you can’t afford to relax on the safety of your kids.

Raising children is a full-time job and became especially hard since our children spend most of their lives online. One of the best ways to monitor children online is through parental control apps.

Here are few reasons why parents use Parental Control Apps

1. The Internet is like a Drug

It really is. Your children are growing up in a world where the internet is everywhere. It has everything they could want. So it is easy for a young mind to get addicted. Sure, there are more harmful drugs out there. But being addicted to the internet can have a negative impact on mental development. Especially at a young age. 

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2. Malicious People Have Moved Online

The ugly truth of life is that we have predators. Unfortunately, those predators have found the internet as well. In fact, the internet has made it that much easier for them to approach our kids. A University of Virginia study found that 20 percent of children have been inappropriately approached online. This is a staggering statistic. And one of the biggest reason to protect our kids online.

3. Cyber-Bullying is Very Much Real

Yes, we have all heard about cyber-bullying. And we all think that it’s not going to happen to our kids. But it likely does. And you might not know of its effects until it’s too late. So why would you want to take that risk with your kids? Cyber-bullying is a serious offense. And it can have more of an impact on our kids. Social reputations are extremely important to the newer generation. And cyber-bullying is usually done on a public social media platform. So it can have a worse effect on our kids than regular bullying. 

4. Mature Websites are a Dirty Fact

Children have the right to be curious. That’s what childhood is about. But we all know that the internet is full of mature content. Even on social media platforms, there are mature groups. The internet has made mature content easily accessible to everyone, including children. It is up to us, as parents, to protect our children from things they’re too young to know. 

5. Cyber Etiquettes are Important

Today good etiquettes are just as important to maintain online as they are in real life. Teaching children good online etiquette is the responsibility of a good parent. This is important for their growth. You don’t want your child to be named as a cyber-bully, do you?

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6. Screen-Time Limits are Important

Since we know that the internet is addicting, it is important to limit your child’s usage. If they are always on their phones, they might develop social anxiety disorders. That is the case with many young adults today. It is important for you to set boundaries for your children. They need to understand that the real world is outside their phones. 

7. Online Reputation Matters

Children are naïve and don’t understand the long-term consequences of their actions. Universities and most employers tend to do a background check on applicants. One of the things they look at is social media profiles and posts. While it might seem cool to your children to post pictures of their weekend shenanigans. The fact is that it might make them undesirable to good universities and employers. 

8. Cutting Down on Expenses

We all know how difficult it is to provide a decent standard of living for our kids. We have to cut back on expenses all the time. But children tend not to realize that money doesn’t grow on trees. When they use the internet, they don’t think twice about using your credit card details. Especially with in-app purchases, your credit card bills can rack up. 

9. Data Backups are Necessary

Your kids are likely to lose their devices sooner rather than later. And because education is also shifting online, they stand to lose more than just photos and contacts. Parental control apps can let you back up your child phone. That is a very handy feature and likely to save your child a heap of trouble in school.

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10. Good Cyber Safety Habits are Forever

Habits you instill in your children at a younger age tend to stay for longer. Cybersafety needs to be instilled in youth. The fact is that cybercrime is at an all-time high. And statistics show that it is going to continue to rise. Parental controls can help you teach your children about good safety habits online.

11. Location Tracking has Benefits

If your child is out, it is important to know where they are. They could be in danger or be doing something they are supposed to. You don’t have to track their location. It could be enough for your child to know that you can. Just that fear might be enough to keep them on the right path. 


It might feel like parents have always misunderstood technology. Do you remember when your parents stopped you from watching TV all day? Things like FiOS TV packages don’t compare to the dangers of technology today. That’s because the internet can’t be regulated like TV channels. So we as parents need to start regulating our children’s usage of it. Parental control is undeniably important.