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Smallpdf PDF Editor- A Detailed Review 2021

Smallpdf is a PDF conversion and editing software to edit or convert PDF files. Smallpdf has many features, including the ability to change font size, add watermarks, merge documents, eSign, and many more.

Smallpdf also offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for users of any skill level. Smallpdf also offers a free trial version.

In this Smallpdf review, we will discuss the main features, the benefits, pricing, and the pros of using SmallPdf.

Best Features of Smallpdf

We will discuss the main features of Smallpdf in this section to familiarize yourself with Smallpdf.

1. Convert to and from PDFs

Smallpdf makes it easy to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files (JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF) into high-quality PDF. When you upload a document, it will convert to PDF almost instantly.

You can even reverse the process by converting any PDF file back to another document or png format.

2. Add text

Smallpdf has text editing functions that allow users to change the font size and color; add headers/footers and columns with just a few mouse clicks. Users can also merge documents without leaving the application window or erase sensitive information from unwanted pages.

3. Smart PDF editing

Smallpdf offers smart editing features such as an easy-to-use one-click compose / erase tool that will allow you to erase confidential information from unwanted pages before printing, which is important because printed documents can be copied, scanned. and share.

4. Compress PDFs

To reduce the size of a PDF file, Smallpdf offers two compression settings to choose from. The Basic setting creates medium-sized files (-40% in size) while maintaining high quality, and the Large mode is more aggressive but produces smaller files (-75%) in good quality at a higher dpi for print purposes.

For example, you could reduce the scanned file to 144 DPI, which would take up less space on your computer or phone, but still provide legible text without too much distortion of the images when viewed at 100%.

5. Split / merge PDFs

Smallpdf saves time by splitting a difficult-to-work PDF into individual pages. It also has a feature that allows you to merge multiple PDFs. You can do it in the order you want and even eliminate the pages that are not necessary.

6. Edit PDFs

You can edit PDFs online quickly and easily. You can use drawings, photos, freehand notes, and shapes to help you have the best possible document. You can also rotate the pages to make them look better.

You can click undo or redo to correct a mistake. When you have finished editing your PDF file, you can share it online with a single click.

7. Sign PDFs

Smallpdf makes it easy to sign PDFs with a digital signature. It also offers the option to sign your document offline and then upload it for a fast and secure solution that saves more time than printing individual copies.

You can write words or draw with the mouse or type words in the document. It is also possible to sign more than one person on a PDF file.

8. Easy to navigate user interface

Smallpdf has an intuitive user interface to explore the platform from start to end: Users can get all your documents in their best form in no time!

9. Cross-platform compatibility

Smallpdf is the ultimate PDF editor with Cross-platform compatibility. Premium users can use their desktop application (available for Mac, Windows), mobile applications for iOS / Android, and web extensions (browsers based on Chromium, GSuite, Dropbox).

10. Printing tools

Smallpdf offers printing tools such as printer settings to scale screen sizes versus paper size; resize images before printing to fit more on one page to save ink / toner; add watermarks such as company logo or page number to all printed pages to avoid unnecessary duplication. For security, it is also possible to add a text to protect the copyright.

11. ISO 27001 certificate

Smallpdf complies with ISO 27001 and GDPR. This ensures a secure environment for your data. Smallpdf will always take the utmost care in handling your data, whether online or offline.

12. Smallpdf Pricing

Smallpdf offers a free 7-day free trial, to unlock the advanced features and unlimited processing, buy Smallpdf Pro.

Why use Smallpdf?

  • Simple To Use: Smallpdf is a simple but powerful PDF editor that allows you to perform all PDF related tasks without having to download or install anything.
  • Security Features: Smallpdf also offers bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption on every file transmission and automatic wipe of servers. Its encryption and decryption capabilities allow users to restrict printing and editing privileges to authorized users, making a backup copy of the changes for future revisions.
  • Popularity: More than 20 million people use this tool in more than 120,000 organizations around the world. It also offers digital signatures (eSigning) and password protection.
  • Best Formatting Options: Smallpdf offers advanced text formatting options including font type, size, and color; adding headers/footers; merging multiple pages into a single document without leaving the application window.
  • Free To Use: The free version of Smallpdf offers 21 tools to edit, convert and compress PDFs. To unlock the premium features and the task limit, you can upgrade to paid plans starting at just $ 9 per month.


Working with PDFs can be tricky for businesses. It is not easy to edit PDF files, and even worse when it comes to sharing them with a team of people working on different computers.

Smallpdf solves these problems by offering you everything you need in one place: from editing tools to save time and get your work done faster. All this without compromising quality. Try it today and make collaboration easier than ever.

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