Software Testing at the Speed of DevOps

The age of digital transformation calls for organizations to focus on transforming their IT structure to improve their software development process.

This transformation is important to bring new products and ideas to market faster than ever before, shortening product releases from months to weeks and even in a few days.

Enterprises are achieving these goals by adopting DevOps. But what exactly is DevOps all about? Let’s have a look at it.

Insight into DevOps

DevOps is a framework that brings software development with operations and focuses on lead time from code writing to production release. It optimizes the processes and has followed the continuous delivery approach, adding features and functions from the users’ perspective. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are two mainstream functions of DevOps.

Once testers come up with pipelines, these features may not even be required in software testing. Testers use different software testing tools to test their software products and achieve quality along with meeting short-release deadlines. 

How to deliver fast without compromising on quality?

When testing in DevOps, it usually changes the rate of change. Testers using waterfall often take months to release software and some even years.

But in the agile environment, these releases are shortened to weeks. DevOps has automated tests scheduled multiple times in a day, which means that the rate of change to production code can be too fast in DevOps.

So, the question is, how to deliver fast without compromising on quality? The entire idea of testing in DevOps is to prove that the code and changes are not ready to release and testing is important.

Many business owners do not focus on testers or testing, but they forget that software development is incomplete without these two. 

Testers and automated testing – part of DevOps

In the digitally growing and changing world, the need for testers remains. The manual testing cannot be eliminated in DevOps, as automated testing is an essential part of a continuous testing delivery pipeline. Automated testing is not that easy and simple.

Testers require designing their testing frameworks to manage functional and load testing according to the pipeline. Exploratory tests play an important role in helping development teams in detecting issues in their apps. Testers have been and are an important part of a DevOps team. 


In DevOps, testers require taking a different strategy. When they focus on taking ownership it enables quality across the software development cycle.

Earlier, testers would delay product release due to meeting customer requirements. But now doing so can cost them a lot, this time is given to ensure quality at each stage. 

There is always more to look forward to concerning testing at the speed of DevOps. If the development team is disciplined and committed to testing immediately and fixing the defects, then the code quality will improve too. DevOps allows testers to deliver faster while improving the overall software quality as well.

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