10 Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime

We have officially entered 2022, the year of OTTs. OTT is trending to showcase innovative shows and movies of varied genres. Be it ironman or spiderman, we all are obsessed with superheroes.

As it is rightly said, there’s no particular age to watch superhero shows; it’s for anyone and everyone. The emotions associated with superhero shows can’t be put into words. They hold a special place in our hearts.

Also, in this era of OTT, reliving those memories isn’t impossible. We know deciding what to watch can be overwhelming, so, for your convenience, we have curated a list of 10 Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime.

Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime

1. The Boys

IMDb- 8.7

The first episode of The Boys, an American Superhero series, premiered in 2019, and since then, it’s been everyone’s clear favorite. Based on the comic book of the same name written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys is not a regular superhero show.

The general public often considers superheroes a savior, but corporate view them as a money-making tool. Also, not every superhero remains true to their words, and some are corrupt. The Boys, a team, sets on a heroic conquest to catch all the corrupt heroes and expose the truth to the world.

The show has two seasons, with its third season premiering soon. The Boys has no extra fight sequence swearing and is perfect for watching with the entire family. The show professes the tale of the triumph of good over evil. 


2. Invincible

IMDb– 8.8

Invincible is an American animated superhero series that initially premiered in 2021 and is considered the best series of the year. Invincible became an instant hit after its release due to its promising plot.

The series is based on a comic of the same name. It follows the coming-of-age of Mark Grayson, a not-so-average teen. The fact that makes him not so average is that he’s the son of Omni-man, the most powerful man on the planet.

The series follows Mark’s rollercoaster ride journey as he discovers that his father is not as heroic as he seems. With fine animation, a gripping plotline, and a stellar cast, Invincible is a nuanced take on the superhero genre with a gripping plotline and a stellar cast. 


3. Legends Of Tomorrow

IMDb- 6.8

The first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was released in 2016 and is currently the sixth season. The outlandish plot follows the story of Rip Hunter, a time-traveler superhero, who initially went rogue, but upon witnessing the threat on Earth, he transformed himself for good.

He travels back into the current era to assemble a group of superheroes and villains, including Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Atom, Hawkman, etc., to prevent the apocalypse. Saving the Earth from the apocalypse is not the end; the legends have to fight more battles to save the planet.

The plot is uniquely woven and has a nail-biting drama. While the initial two seasons are very dark, the tone changes after the third season and becomes more moody and comic.


4. The Tick

IMDb- 7.4

The first season of The Tick was initially released in 2016 and is set in a parallel world where people get to see superheroes every day, and ordinary people accept them as a part of life. It is based on a very old comic of the same name.

From an unusual perspective, The Tick can be considered as a parody of superheroes and tells the tale of a powerful yet vulnerable superhero in a blue suit who comes to the rescue of people in danger along with his sidekick.

This simple accountant is his friend. The Tick is funny and weird with many action sequences with two seasons. The Tick has a refreshing plot and is nothing like a regular superhero show. Although it may seem outward weird, it does have some sense and meaning rooted in it.


5. The Flash

IMDb– 7.6

The Flash is an American Superhero series based on DC’s Comics. The Flash is one of the much-loved old superheroes of DC’s comics, just like Superman and Batman. It can also be considered as the spinoff of another show, Arrow.

The series starts with striking lighting, which wakes up Barry Allen from the coma. After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen gains superhuman speed and is entrusted with saving the world by fighting off all the evils.

After covering up Barry Allen’s journey from an ordinary person to a superhero, the series follows a plot to save the world. This long-running CW show received a good reception from the audience and is much loved for its incredible visual effects.


6. Heroes

IMDb- 7.5

The first season of the American series, Heroes, premiered in 2007 and has a total of four seasons. The storyline is very natural yet different. This epic drama chronicles the lives of regular people who discover that they have superpowers like time travel, flying power, invisibility, hearing power, ability to absorb others’ powers.

There’s a man named Sylar who wants to acquire all powers by killing the heroes so hathe can rule the world. Now, the heroes find their lives intertwined, and they have to help each other to save themselves and the world from Sylar.

Although this is a standard plotline, the initial few episodes are tricky to understand. But, with time, everything will fall into place, and the series will become enjoyable.


7. Doom Patrol

IMDb- 7.9

The first season of Doom Patrol premiered in 2019 and consisted of three seasons. Doom Patrol is based on DC’s comic book of the same name and follows the lives of four unlikely heroes who are considered social outcasts and are shunned by society.

Due to a horrible incident, they are disfigured and scarred for life. The group consists of Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Crazy Jane. They are traumatized and subjugated; however, an idealistic scientist, Niles Caulder,  assembles them to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence and protect Earth.

Even if society rejects the team, they take an oath to protect the world from all the lurking dangers. The plot follows their journey to save the world and be accepted and loved by society.


8. Stargirl

IMDb- 7.2

DC’s Stargirl is an American Superhero television series that is a part of DC’s Multiverse. Justice Society of America belongs to the Golden era of comics, and Stargirl continues Starman’s legacy. The first season premiered in 2020 and was the biggest hit.

It follows the life of a teenager, Courtney Whitmore. After a decade of the death of all members of the Justice Society of America, Courtney discovers the cosmic staff of the Starman. Soon, she learns that her stepfather was the starman’s sidekick, which motivates her.

She decides to revive the Justice Society of America and save the world. Stargirl keeps the audience glued to the screen with a gripping story, and the series has done an excellent job justifying the book it is based on.


9. Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle

IMDb- 8.1

Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle premiered in 2013 and is based on one of the oldest superhero stories and is a three-part series that explores the creation and evolution of the comic genre.

It is a documentary series that showcases the glory and valor of superheroes. It begins with the birth of Superman. It dates back to the Great Depression period and shows how comics evolved and flourished as a genre.

For someone with a knack for watching the history of comics and the quest to know more about the birth of superheroes, Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle is an apt watch. However, the show is not as layered as other superhero shows.


10. Wonder Woman

IMDb- 7.1

With three seasons, Wonder Woman is one of the most loved superhero American shows based on classic DC Comics. Wonder Woman is rightly considered the all-time greatest female superhero.

She is brave, kind-hearted, optimistic, and heroic. The show is set against the backdrop of World War II and follows the journey of Princess Diana to become Wonder Woman.

Initially, the show received a mixed response from the viewers. The cultural landscape is dark, brooding with anti-heroes, and it is on Wonder Woman to save humankind from being destroyed.

Although Wonder Woman is quite old, belonging to the 80’s era, it is still a delight to watch. It is a complete entertainment package packed with action, drama, and emotions.


So, here’s a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime. Please feel free to add your favorite show if it’s not mentioned here!

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