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Things You Need To Know About PDFBear’s PDF Tools & Its Features

Portable Document Format (PDF) files might be convenient and easy to handle, but it is still essential for you to learn how it works. Working with software that will help you fix problems on the spot is crucial and an advantage. The internet will give you hundreds of options to choose from, but most of them are limited. 

PDFBear offers 100% free services on more than twenty tools available, surely your PDF needs will be satisfied. PDFBear can repair, merge, compress, and even decrypt your PDF files in a matter of four steps!

1. Restore Documents From A Corrupted File

Malware and viruses can corrupt your PDF files anytime. That is why it is essential to maintain checking your files to make sure they are still working. However, as I said, you cannot keep this from happening. The best thing you should do is to have reliable PDF software in case of an emergency. 

Fortunately, PDFBear comes with more than twenty tools, including the Repair PDF Tool, which provides any user a high-quality result in restoring damaged files due to threats and viruses. This repairing tool must be the most accessible tool to use. With its straightforward steps, you’ll be done in a few moments. 

  • Step 1. Upload a corrupted PDF document by pressing the “Select Files” tab or use the drag and drop feature. 
  • Step 2. The tool will then start analyzing the entire document after it has been uploaded successfully. 
  • Step 3. The tool will take a few seconds to finish the restoration process. 
  • Step 4. Finally, download and save your newly repaired PDF file to your computer or share it to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

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2. Combine Multiple PDF Files

Are you looking for a way to reorganize your cluttered desktop with tons of PDF files? PDFBear has got something to solve the situation for you. It will only take you a few clicks to complete.

PDFBear and its Merger Tool can combine multiple files at once. That way, you will have a more presentable computer desktop. 

The tool can be accessed through any internet browser, which means you don’t have to install any more applications and software. Plus, PDFBear uses a cloud system enabling any user to access the site and its tools anytime and anywhere. The merging process has four quick steps:

  • Step 1. Upload multiple PDF files to the PDFBear’s server by clicking the “Select Files” button.
  • Step 2. Then, the merging tool will continue the process by analyzing the texts. 
  • Step 3. Please wait for a few moments to complete the process. 
  • Step 4. Download the file immediately and save the file on your computer or share it to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. Compress Your File Up To 70% 

Do you want to avoid future incompatibilities in creating online processes? Keep your files within the limit by compressing large documents with PDFBear’s Compressor Tool.

Luckily, PDFBear can compress up to 70% of the entire document. Accessing the tool using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop will not be an issue with PDFBear. 

You might be skeptical about adding or uploading your PDF files online. Well, PDFBear’s top priority would be your security and privacy. PDFBear uses 256-Bit Encryption, which keeps your file in a safe environment. We have four steps to compress:

  • Upload a large-sized PDF file to their server by clicking the “select files” tab 
  • After uploading the file, choose whether you want a strong or basic compression. 
  • From there, click “compress” and wait a few moments to complete the process.
  • Download and save your newly compressed PDF into your computer or share it with you on Google Drive. 

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4. Password Remover Tool

Are you one of those people who easily forget passwords? Then, PDFBear’s password remover is for you. You might need to finally remove the passcode from your file. In order to decrypt a file, you only need to follow these simple instructions. 

  • Upload a password-protected PDF file from your computer by pressing the “Select Files” tab 
  • Afterward, the tool will then require you to enter the recent passcode and press the “Unlock” button.
  • Please wait for a few moments to complete the process.
  • Download and save your password-free PDF file to your computer.


PDFBear and its excellent tools work efficiently to fix all your PDF setbacks without requiring fees. Fixing PDF files has never been so easy with PDFBear. If you want to discover more tools, please visit their main site now.

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