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Tips And Tricks To Play Picture Cross

Picture Cross

Picture Cross games, also known as Griddler, Nonogram, or Picross are one of the best puzzle games out there. These games are not only fun but they are brain-teasing too, which can help you shape your minds. This puzzle game can also improve your creativity as it requires you to be very creative to solve it.

However, sometimes, playing a picture cross puzzle can be quite a challenge, especially if you are a newbie. In this article, we are going to explore some of the tips and tricks that can help you play picture cross puzzle. Keep on reading this piece to explore them.

How to play a picture cross

If you want to play a picture cross, you need to consider each column and row separately with a line approach. The solved line generally stores all the data about potential colors for a specific cell. That means that your computer or mobile device doesn’t have to derive the information from the calculated matrix.

Another technique to help you play a Picross puzzle is to use a priority queue data structure, where elements may have a priority associated with them. This way, high priority cells, especially longer ones are addresses at the start.

There are several ways to play a Picture cross puzzle. Whichever method you chose to use doesn’t matter as long as you understand it and it can help you achieve the goal of the game- to color in squares in the grid based on the instruction given. This game continues to get easier as you continue to play it.

With that said, here are tips and tricks to help you play picture cross puzzle.

Don’t mind the color of the blocks

Some of the blocks in the picture cross puzzle might be white, black, or grey. However, you shouldn’t focus more on the color of the blocks since they really don’t matter.

The only thing that matters is the number of repeated blocks you have to allow you to match the numbers on the side. So if you see blocks of different colors in a row, don’t pay much attention to them.

Pay attention to the empty space

When you are solving a puzzle game, you will find that it has one or several empty blocks between the numbered blocks. For instance, if you have eight blocks per vertical line and eight per horizontal line and need to solve an eight puzzle, there will be no space left.

Practice more

The best way you can become a pro-puzzler is by practicing a lot. Practice always makes perfect. However, you should note that there are instances you will be stuck in a picture cross puzzle.

Some levels can be quite challenging, making it difficult for you to progress to the next level.  That’s why you need to practice more. There are even books or articles online that you can read to help you play picture cross like a pro. 

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