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Reaching the Next Level: 7 Types of Managed IT Services and How Your Business Can Benefit from Them

Managed IT Services

Does your business or practice utilize technology and highly value cybersecurity? Do you have little IT knowledge or time to tend to your company’s IT-related problems? Did one of your business’s computers recently crash, and after trying to fix it. Are you still struggling to resolve the issue at hand?

If you answered “yes” to any of the latter questions, managed IT services might provide you with the solution(s) you require. After all, there’s a good chance that your company relies on computers or other similar forms of technology to keep your business afloat. So, why not consider having professionals help find solutions to your IT problems and needs?

Here are some examples of managed IT services different companies offer:

1) Cloud hosting

With cloud host services provided by an IT company, from hosted e-mail exchange to hosted applications. You can focus less on the technology of your business and more on the success and efficiency of your business in general.

2) Network upgrades

Having a speedy network is important for a business. Also just as important is ensuring you’re receiving the network speed your Internet provider promised. IT professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your network is up-to-par by providing their assistance and upgrading your network as needed.

3) E-mail filtering & spam protection

Receiving spam and other unnecessary e-mails are not only a waste of time. But can also be harmful to your company’s computers and your network in general. Instead of dealing with the risks, keep your data safe and your company more efficiency-run thanks to e-mail filtering and spam protection.

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4) IT support for relocation

If you’re relocating or adding a new office to your business, IT support for relocation is a great service that can help make the move smoother. It’s little things like reconnecting your technological devices or providing relocation recommendations that can make all the difference as you carry your technology over to your new location.

5) Network security

With an un-secure network, you risk unauthorized data access, data theft, fines, and legal ramifications, and overall, loss of business. Just one malware attack could completely take down your entire network. Thanks to network security service, however, you benefit from a more secure network and are less likely to experience the latter.

6) E-mail migration

If you’re tired of your free e-mail service and ready for a more professional e-mail address and e-mail service, e-mail migration provided by many IT experts can assist you in making the switch. That way, no data will be lost in the process as you transfer over.

7) Backup and recovery

When data is lost on a company computer, it’s a complete gamechanger. All your precious documents and other important files are gone in a snap, just like that. However, if your system has backup and recovery, you can retrieve those files after data is lost.

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From cloud hosting to cybersecurity, there are many different IT services that IT support experts may be able to provide for your company. With assistance from these professionals, you can reap many benefits. Many find more time on their hands, greater online safety, and better job efficiency when utilizing managed IT services for their practice or business.

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