Vesda Early Smoke Detection System – Next-Generation Technology

VESDA which stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus has been listed as the best for a considerable length of time now. They stand on top in the market because of the outstanding high-tech features they possess.

While the core idea behind products in the market is protection and fire safety, Vesda System it’s a completely out of the box, modern-day solution for a fire emergency.

They are the best known, quickest systems which can detect smoke immediately after its occurrence and can thus avoid fire from spreading. 

Why VESDA System?

VESDA works by unceasingly drawing air into distributed pipe network via a high-efficiency pump. the air test at that point goes through a double stage channel. The primary stage removes mud and dirt from the air sample before it enters the optical maser detection chamber. 

The second, ultra-fine stage gives an additional clean-air provide to stay the detector’s optical surfaces free from contamination, making certain consistent absolute detection and long detector life what is more as minimizing nuisance alarms.

From the filter, the air sample goes through the detection chamber wherever it’s exposed to an optical maser light. once Aspirating smoke detector is a gift, light is scattered inside the detection chamber and is instantly known by the sensitive receiver system. 

The signal is then processed and given via a bar-graph show, alarm threshold indicators and/or graphics show. VESDA detectors are ready to communicate this info to a fireplace alarm instrument panel, a computer code management system, or a building management system via relays or a High-Level Interface (HLI).

The new VESDA E range has numerous features including higher sensitivity (in comparison to the other existing models), better adaptability and flexibility in terms of installation in different types of spaces, extension alternatives and exceptional connectivity, multi-port addressability, field upgradability, etc.

These characteristics not only make them stand out but also lead their way and make them the best quality of VESDA system in the market.  

Why Vesda System is the Next Generation System?

1. Colour Touch Screen Display

The VESDA E provides a 3.5” color screen, touch display that enables a major function of providing status information that helps to know about the intensity of the situation, current smoke level, etc.

It also has simple navigation that makes it easier for the user to have access to all the necessary information about the current situation quickly and in one place. 

2. Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivity 

VESDA E systems also offer Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity as one of their many functional and beneficial features. The connection between your device and the VESDA E can be easily done through the internet by adding the VESDA system to your corporate connection (Ethernet) or by directly connecting your Wi-Fi enabled tablets/laptops to the configured VESDA system that has the option of wireless connection.

VESDA Connect provides versatile networking and programming capabilities that cut back installation, empowerment, monitoring, and maintenance prices through intensive property choices and remote nosology tools together with local area network, WiFi, USB, VESDAnet, and Relays.

3. VESDA Flex 

VESDA flex provides expandability in terms of future updates and additional expansions. Vesda Flex Integrated gas detection provides a superior resolution with competitive solutions.

The incorporation of the Stax hardware expansion module makes the system quite flexible as these modules smoothly and easily integrate with the VESDA E detectors which in turn add on additional features like power supply, auto pipe cleaning, etc.  

4. Point Addressability

A key component of the VESDA E detector is its distinctive feature of being able to provide situational awareness that can help improve response time and can thus make it quicker, easier and better from the user’s end to react to the problem.

This happens because of the ability of the system to pinpoint addressability of up to 40 locations effectively and efficiently. Additionally, VESDA E also provides the quickest and earliest fire/smoke detection warning which has centralized maintenance with a built-in blowback mechanism, fully integrated system check, minimum nuisance alarms, etc which are completely reliable. 

5. Protects your investment:

The VESDA E range of smoke detectors has the highest sensitivity and lists amongst the most reliable smoke detector systems.

They also offer considerable CAPEX savings by providing up to 40% greater coverage in high airflow environments. Along with this, the system OPEX is also reduced as the maintenance charges cost less due to easier service, flexible system, field replaceable architecture, etc.

The cherry on the top is the system’s ability to set in with the existing VESDA systems (compatible with older systems).