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Top 6 Ways To Improve Your E-Store Customer Experience

Ways To Improve Your E-Store Customer Experience

In the current era, every business owner knows that providing an enjoyable shopping experience means you can get to turn a much larger number of visitors into regulars customers. Whether it’s a traditional store or an online store, nobody will shop, where they feel displeased or taken for granted.

Today, the trend of online shopping is skyrocketing as a user consider it more comfortable to buy things by sitting at home rather than going to a store. Also, an online store provides many offers to a consumer with door-step delivery along with exchange or return facility.

All these factors are the prime reasons that create a great hype of online shopping. This hype comes with huge profits for the seller as they can serve a huge number of audience now. But with the huge profits, it brings certain responsibilities for E-store owner or manager. 

If you are an owner of the e-store and want to generate huge revenue, you need to think of ways that will simultaneously improve profit at the same time. Here are the Top 6 ways to improve your E-store customer experience.

  • Add Reliable Contact Options – According to, 90% of customers demand multiple contact channels whenever they enter a shopping website. Providing just an email customer support to the buyers may result in lesser customer satisfaction that means you could be losing more shoppers than you realize.

A better approach is to add more and more support channels such as a chatbot, a highly-responsive email inbox – under 24 hours for a response, Social media channels with inbox and much more. You just need you active everywhere to provide a response ASAP to customer. 

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  • Offer a Unique Experience – Make a better analysis of the shopping process, your customers go through and then figure it out to bring a unique experience to your store. Improving the user interface helps to give you an extraordinary way to interact with the product that connects back to your unique value proposition, or a way to bring your website to life. 
  • Some of the websites such as collect the multiple products of numerous sellers in the single page so that a customer can get all things at one place for unique customer experience

If your customer really enjoys the experience that you have provided them, it will set you apart from other seller and make a buyer your potential buyer. 

  • Add Multiple Payment Options – Trend of online shopping also create a huge usage of online payment methods. An ideal online buyer uses numerous payment method and requires it from the seller too. So a seller should have a set of multiple payment methods so that customers can pay as per their requirements. 

Also, note one thing, add those payment methods that are mobile friendly such as Paypal, AmazonPay, ApplePay and more.

  • Improve Your Speed – Some experts have listed a few specific attributes that are Speed, cleanliness, and product selection. These attributes have been tried, tested, and proven successful for better user experience & huge revenue. In today’s fast-paced society, where customers expect immediate assistance and instant gratification so your store should fast in several processes that may be payment, delivery, action on complaint and many more. 
  • Provide Better Description of the Product – Adding more and more details of your product with suitable photos can help your product to stand apart from others and have better sales. It tells the customer exactly what they’re buying and give as much useful information as you can.

Also, include high-quality photographs to display your items from multiple angles. You can also provide 360-degree views (with the ability to zoom in) or videos of items.

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  • Reduce Friction – Lesser down the friction from the customers buying experience. Help the customers once they know what they want then provide a better way to move through the path-to-purchase as easily as possible. Give them an easy and effective payment method for better customer experience.

Hopefully, these ways help you improve your online store sales!

Also, this will help you to generate a huge profit from your e-store without spending much on advertisements. With some simple things, you can help you grow profits.

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