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What are Requisition and Planning Worksheets?

Requisition and Planning

Requisition and planning worksheets manage the supply and demand of an enterprise. It is a feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is an enterprise resource management (ERM) program. It is cloud-based and comes with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

Both requisition and planning worksheets perform the same tasks but differ in features and capabilities. Requisition worksheets are used for replenishing inventory or transfer orders whereas Planning Worksheets can do more along with the replenishment of inventory.

Requisition Worksheets is licensed under Business Central Essentials, which is the regular subscription of Business Central. Planning worksheets are exclusive to Business Central Premium, which is more advanced, and it is more expensive than Essentials.

Requisition Worksheet

  • As mentioned already, the requisition worksheet is included in the Business Central Essentials, which is the regular subscription of Business Central.
  • It is designed for carrying out the replenishment of purchase orders or any transfer of orders, it also runs a regenerative plan.
  • You can either enter the items manually in the system or can use a calculation plan for the replenishment of Inventory. Using the calculated plan will automate the process by looking into all the necessary information in the system such as sales orders or purchase or transfer orders.
  • After calculating the plan, the action message is filled with all the required information such as the number of products needed, and then, you can simply create an invoice from there and purchase orders.
  • Requisition worksheets contain orders that need to be reordered to maintain the inventory, you can edit and delete the replenishment plan. Also, any problematic area will be highlighted in red that you have to fix.

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Planning Worksheet

  • Planning worksheets are exclusive to Business Central Premium, which is the advanced version of Business Central and the subscription is higher than the essential version.
  • It is also designed for the replenishing of production and runs a regenerative plan, but it can do more than requisition worksheets such as provide planning warnings and error logs. Planning Worksheets can also interact with the requisition worksheets.
  • As it is used for calculating and adjusting an item in replenishment plan which can be carried similarly to that of requisition worksheet; either fill it manually or use the calculate plan and automate the whole process. While calculating the plan, it will gather information from everywhere such as sales, purchase, production, transfer, etc., and fill up your action message accordingly from where you can carry out the further action. One other thing, while calculating the plan you can either calculate a net change plan or regenerative plan.

Why use a Planning Worksheet?

  • It determines inventory requirements by looking into sales orders, inventory settings, and other areas such as service, assembly, and existing work.
  • It automates the creation of work orders and purchase orders.
  • Planning Worksheets provide an easy interface for editing and deleting items in a replenishment plan.
  • Easy interface for identifying the demand.
  • It also allows filters for accessing different information from small segments of the company in real-time.

Requisition and Planning worksheets perform the same task but differ in features, requisition is designed for basic purposes but planning worksheets can perform more advanced tasks.

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