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What is SPSS? Definition, Features and Advantages

What is SPSS

What is SPSS?

The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a tool developed by IBM to perform statistical analysis of data. SPSS offers a fast-visual modelling environment that ranges from the simplest to the most complex models.

In the field of computing and artificial intelligence, SPSS is used more frequently for modelling. It is very often used in the social sciences and Specifically for market research, medical researchers, survey companies, marketing organizations and educational researchers.

SPSS facilitates the collection and organization of data. It also makes possible to know if the objectives set have been met, provides feedback in decision-making, allowing the adoption of the strategy that leads to the best performance.

Using SPSS software one can perform various analysis such as non-parametric testing, descriptive statistics, reliability testing of scales, average testing, testing the difference between classification variables and drawing. cognitive map, use of price variables and binomial regression.

With more than 30 years of creation, it is recognized worldwide for its usefulness and is widely used in the areas of social sciences and education for its ability to work with large databases.

1) SPSS Features

The SPSS is the most widely used statistical software worldwide as it is a tool for experimentation, research and decision-making. Its versatility allows it to be used as:

  • Spreadsheet to solve arithmetic, algebraic and trigonometric operations.
  • Database manager so that the data can be dynamically processed, it allows updating the operating changes and making customized reports.
  • Report generator that allows you to prepare attractive reports of an investigation carried out, incorporating the text, tables, graphs and statistical results of the report in the same file.
  • Data analysis, being able to extract all the information from a file for the execution of descriptive, inferential and multiple variant statistical procedures.
  • Data mining manager to carry out intelligent searches, extract hidden information by elaborating decision trees, market segmentations or designs of neural networks of artificial intelligence.

2) Advantages of the SPSS

  • Save time and effort, perform a job in seconds that would require hours or days.
  • More exact calculations, avoiding rounding and approximations of manual calculation.
  • It allows working with large amounts of data, using larger samples and including more variables.
  • It allows transferring the attention from the mechanical tasks of calculation to the conceptual tasks: decisions on the process, interpretation of results and critical analysis.
  • SPSS is one of the most widely used tools in business research and other fields of social sciences.
  • It is compatible with many other data management programs. Therefore, it allows the transmission of data from one program to another.

3) Using SPSS in Field research

Spss software is widely used by researchers in different fields:

  • Psychology, Criminology
  • Business research: Spss has the ability to make plans to buy products and services, helping to position the brand on product and service attributes.
  • Sociological survey: Researchers can use Spss in assessing the quality of public service, identifying factors affecting people’s perceptions.
  • Research in health, Biology: These studies include the influence of drugs on a group of pathologies, statistical analysis of factors affecting pests in agriculture 

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