What is a Static Residential Proxy? Benefits of Using

Static Residential Proxy

With a proxy server in place, you are able to access the Internet whilst going completely undetected and without direct content. This is because it acts as an intermediary and actively masks your device’s location and Internet Protocol (IP) address, in addition to providing the web server with different details altogether. 

Although there are two main types of proxies, residential proxies are the most popular ones due to the fact that they are super reliable and work to make Internet Service Provider (ISP) provided proxy servers lawful.

This gives you a great amount of anonymity when spending time online. The only downside to this type of proxy, over a data centre one, is that the speeds are not as fast.

What is a Static Residential Proxy?

A static residential proxy is a combination of the best features of a residential proxy and a data center proxy, whilst mitigating against any of the weaknesses that either of these may have.

Because Static Residential Proxies are essentially data center proxies that have been assigned to users by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), they have the same level of speed as them, but because they are traced back to the ISP, they are much less detectable. 

With a static residential proxy you can use the same IP address for as long as you need, providing you with a greater amount of anonymity when online.

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Benefits of Using a Static Residential Proxy?

There are a number of different benefits to using a static residential proxy. One of the main ones is for its use in high speed web scraping. The process of web scraping involves the use of an automated tool to extract large data sets from websites for the purpose of market research.

With a proxy IP in place, the scraper is not detectable by the web administrator. Because static residential proxies are so fast, they allow large sets of data to be extracted much quicker than usual. 

Another benefit is the great amount of anonymity that is provided to you when using one. The use of a simple proxy for the purpose of web scraping does not guarantee that it will not be detected.

This is because the vast majority of websites on the Internet have security checks in place on them that can detect data centre proxies.

However, with the use of a static residential proxy, that is put together in data centres but comes distributed via an ISP, the attempt of a web administrator to trace it all the way back will just show up as a legitimate ISP.

By using a static residential proxy, you are pretty much guaranteeing that the process of web scraping will be a smooth one that will not be interrupted.

This is because during the process, your IP address always remains the same and so avoids any potential conflicts of IP addresses. Having a high speed connection also works to reduce both buffering time and lag. 

Although not exhaustive, these are just some of the benefits you can expect to experience from using a static residential proxy.

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