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What To Do To Be Successful On Instagram

Instagram is now the world’s most famous place for publishing content and making money on it. There you can develop your brand or just keep a personal blog in which you will talk about your life.

Any content that attract audience on social networking sites will bring income to the content creators. Today we will talk about what to do to be successful on Instagram.

Content type

First of all, you need to make sure that your content is of high quality and useful to the viewer. This is an important point because all your work is built around what you show the viewer.

Of course, you have many other tasks such as developing a strategy, promoting and collaborating with other creators, but your viewer does not see all this.

Your content is the face of your blog. Think about the kind of viewers you are working for and what their needs might be. Depending on this, decide whether you will publish something entertaining, educational or informational.

It is also worth understanding that only on ordinary publications you will not be able to earn much. After you buy Instagram followers several times to quickly increase your audience, you can embed advertising posts in your blog or connect an online store to your account where you will sell your products. This will allow you to monetize your activities.

However, do not forget that users are loyal to such content only when there is not much of it. You can not make every post advertising or selling. You have to find a happy medium and alternate such content with your regular one.


If you want to become famous and gain a large number of views and likes, then you definitely need to use the most popular format. This is now the Reels format. Just like on TikTok, these are short videos that last about 30 seconds and are in a separate feed.

This format is good because, unlike Stories, such videos do not disappear from the profile after a day, but remain there forever. In addition, they often appear in the user’s feed again after viewing, and due to this, the viewing statistics increase daily.

Also, your video may appear in the feed of a wide audience a few days after publication, which makes this format forever gaining statistics.

You can thank the algorithms for the fact that if some person liked your video, then most likely he will see your other videos on similar topics in the feed. It turns out that you do not need to do anything to promote such videos.

Many vloggers now use this format as their main format (usually those who have achieved success on TikTok and realized that this is a profitable option).


If you decide to try to monetize your activity on social media, then you are on the right track. To achieve your goal, you need to clearly understand what and for whom you are doing, what benefits you bring and how you plan to fill your profile.

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